How To Set Up Your Grab Account Before Your Bali Holiday – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Setup Your Grab Account in Four Simple Steps

As one of top tips of things you need to do before your Bali holiday, we recommend downloading and setting your Grab Superapp account. This app will save you time, money and keep you safe while travelling in Bali.

Handy Guide To Setting Up Grab App - PIN

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What Can You Use Grab App For?

Grab Superapp is most useful on holidays for airport transfers, short trips in a car, renting a car and driver, short rides with a driver on a motorcycle, and ordering food delivery.

It really is a Superapp though, and once you master using the app for transport and food, you’ll easily figure out to use it in so many other ways.

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Two ladies receiving food delivered in their villa by a GRAB driver

We love to use it to shop from the mart for our grocery essentials, send packages between different locations and even to top up our mobile data and pay bills.

By having Grab Superapp already downloaded and set up before arriving in Bali, it means you can start using it as soon as you land for a hassle (and haggle) free way of getting to your accommodation.

Even if you don’t have it downloaded and set up before you land though, you can head directly to the Grab Lounge at the airport where the staff will help guide you through the set-up process also.

The GRAB desk at Bali Airport where you can get help installing and setting up the GRAB app

Step 1: Download the App

Use this link to find Grab Superapp in your app store on your phone and download it.


Step 2: Sign Up

Choose the “New to Grab? Sign up!” tab, and enter your phone number, email address and name to create your account. You can choose to receive your verification code either via Whatsapp or SMS. Once you receive your code, enter it to verify your account.


Screenshot - Setup Your Grab App


Step 3: Add Emergency Contacts

You will be prompted to add up to 3 emergency contact numbers so that you can share your ride with these contacts (as parents of teenagers that use Grab regularly to get around Bali, we absolutely love this feature!). You can also choose to add these later.


Screenshot - Add 3 Emergency Contacts


Step 4: Complete Your Setup

While you are in a country where Grab doesn’t operate, your screen will look like this:

Screenshot - What your screen looks like when you're not in the country

You can choose to add a card to attached to your account to make payments easier (however all Grab services can also be paid for in cash). When travelling we recommend using a WISE account and card for the best exchange rates and lowest fees.

Screenshot - Attach a card to your grab account

Screenshot - Add a credit card to your Grab app

Now your Grab account is ready to use!

Using Grab in Bali

When you get to Bali where you can use Grab, your screen will look the screen below and you can start accessing all of the services on offer but using the circles at the top of the screen (Food, Mart, Car, Bike etc).

Screenshot - Ready to Use Your Grab App


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Quick Guide To Setting Up Grab App - PIN

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