How to Recycle in Bali with Grab

Grab has partnered with AQUA to help make it easy for you to do your part when it comes to recycling your household waste. This is how you can recycle with Grab.
Grab App Helps us Recycling

After moving to Bali from Australia we were already in the habit of separating our household recyclable waste. When we first moved to Bali something we had to get used to was that recycling in Bali isn’t a thing that just automatically happens as part of the waste management systems on the island.

If we wanted to recycle our household waste, we had to seek out options for recycling ourselves.

While we’ve tried a few different options for recycling over the past five years, we were thrilled to recently learn about Grab’s newest “Grab for Good” initiative that allows us to recycle our waste for FREE…and you can do it too!

Your recyclable waste includes all things plastic, paper, glass and wood.

recycling with Grab App
Sustainable with Grab App

3. When you are ready to get rid of the waste, open your Grab app and choose GrabExpress.

You will see 4 different options come up (these are the recycling plants). Choose the plant that is closest to where you are!

LAngkah Hijau Aqua Grab Recycle-min

You can even choose for it to be picked up instantly.

Recycle Grab Aqua

Scroll the list and choose the “LANGKAHHIJAU Diskon 40rb” as your promo.

This will discount the fee by up to 40,000 Rp – making the service completely FREE for most pickup points in Bali.

Grab and Aqua Recycling Program

Final Words

We hope this helps you do your part in making Bali a more sustainable island. A little effort goes a long way and every small action counts! 

Thank you Grab for making it easy for all us to do our part when it comes to recycling.

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