Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple is Set in Lush Green Valley

One of the most unique temples in Bali is the Gunung Kawi temple, located in a lush green vally in Tampaksiri, a mere 30-minute drive from Ubud. Its location is ideal; just a few 100 meters East from the Jalan Raya Tampaksiri main route and only 2 kilometres south of Tirta Empul. This mesmerizing Hindu temple complex comprises 10 shrines, cut out of the rock face, making them look to be free-standing statues. These awe-inspiring 11th century shrines are funeral monuments, standing in 7 metres high niches cut out of the cliff. Each of these Candi’s (Balinese for shrine) are supposed to be dedicated to a member of that era’s Balinese royalty.

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After you entered the premises you’ll be handed a Sarong, which you have to wear as the site is considered holy. Then you follow a path of 270 stairs down. Take your time, there are plenty of souvenir shops along the path, and as the site is surrounded by lush rice fields, stopping every now and then to take photos of the gorgeous green valley is a well excepted excuse to catch your breath (although we recommend you use that excuse on your way back up).

Gunung Kawi Temple Entrance Fee

IDR 15,000 per person*

*Although we aim to keep the information on our website up to date, entrance prices may have changed since we last checked. 

Distance to Gunung Kawi Temple

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