A taste of Indonesian heritage at Grand Hyatt Bali’s revamped Pasar Senggol

Experience the vibrant reimagining of Indonesian culinary heritage and traditions at Grand Hyatt Bali’s revamped Pasar Senggol, where every dish tells a story passed down through generations.

Cultural performance at Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

Grand Hyatt Bali’s Indonesian market-style dining experience, Pasar Senggol, relaunches with a stunning reimagining of culinary heritage and traditions, showcased within the resort’s immersive open-air cultural hub. 

Greeting diners every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6pm to 9pm, the vibrant new face of Pasar Senggol at Grand Hyatt Bali opens up a journey of flavour across Indonesia, with endless premium buffet stalls offering the most distinctive tastes of the archipelago. 

After a stroll through the luxurious Nusa Dua resort, the gateway to the lively market village awaits. Guests are warmly greeted by women dressed in bold-coloured Balinese clothing before their eyes feast on an array of Indonesian snacks and dessert stalls – with even more tempting selections beautifully displayed along the venue’s circular setting. 

Dining area of Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

Exploring the dishes at Pasar Senggol is just as exciting as opening a treasure box. With mouthwatering dishes that tell stories passed down through generations, you can’t go wrong no matter which direction you choose to take, to begin your gastronomic adventure at this must-visit dining venue in Bali!

Amongst the plentiful dishes on offer, the stars of the show at Pasar Senggol are the Bebek Timbungan – a traditional duck delicacy prepared for 12-hours, slow-cooked at a low temperature and blended with spices; the island’s iconic Babi Guling offering crispiness, juicy meats and the distinctive taste of base genep which is widely used throughout Bali; Sate Madura known as grilled young chicken skewers with its tender and smoky charms; the refreshing Es Campur, a mixed fruit cocktail, coconut, tapioca pearls and grass jellies, topped with shaved ice, syrup and condensed milk; and finally Arak by Iwak Arumery which fuses European distillation techniques with Bali’s legendary Arak Jung.

Food tenants at Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

Pasar Senggol offers plenty of must-try specialties, such as traditional salad, grilling stations and fried stalls. Try the refreshing rujak buah or Indonesian fruit salad, fried light-bites perfect for sharing, and the succulent grilled oyster to indulge your palate in a variety of local delicacies. 

Each dish served at Pasar Senggol uses the freshest local ingredients, with the chefs passionately employing traditional techniques that celebrate the flavour and richness of each region. What’s more, diners can also have the opportunity to observe the dishes taking shape in the skilled hands of the chefs.

Balinese dance performance at Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

The dining tables at Pasar Senggol are decorated with dazzling bright red accents, arranged in a theatre style and providing a comfortable view to the Balinese-themed stage right in the middle of Pasar Senggol. On the stage, a selection of traditional dances and musical shows will entertain guests throughout five performances whilst they dine.

Fire Dance performance at Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

The cultural performances at Pasar Senggol include the Panyembrahma Dance, Fire Dance, Kecak Ramayana Dance, Joged Bungbung and Cendrawasih Dance. As the lively performers grace the stage under the stars, diners can dive deeper into the stories each dance signifies, through information booklets provided on each table, as well as interacting with the performers on stage.

Aside from the celebrated culinary heritage, the new Pasar Senggol also showcases small local businesses (UMKM) through curated artisanal pieces. These handcrafted goods not only enhance this unique dining venue but also offer a window into the heart of Balinese craftsmanship.

This exquisite experience at Pasar Senggol is available at IDR 825,000++ per person, including a diverse menu and cultural performances.

Fire Dance performance at Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali

Indulge in a front-row seat to Indonesia’s colourful culinary heritage at Pasar Senggol!

For more information and reservations, email [email protected] or send a WhatsApp chat

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