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How to use GRAB to make your Bali holiday easier and cheaper? Here’s our take on Bali’s most popular app based service.

How to Use Grab to Make Your Bali Holiday Easier, Safer… and Cheaper!

Times are changing and just as we’ve seen rapid growth in app-based services in the Western world, the same is true for Bali. Our app of choice in Bali is GRAB – a company that was started in Singapore and has seen a rapid expansion across Asia in recent years. Also an app that we can no longer live without in Bali. If you are coming for a stay in Bali no mater how long or short… GRAB SuperApp is a must have!

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Getting Started With Grab Bali

GRAB has been available in Bali since 2017 and is used extensively by locals and expats alike… but there is no reason that as a tourist you shouldn’t be using it also! Quite honestly, we couldn’t manage our daily lives in Bali without the GRAB app now, it has become our way to get from A to B, courier packages and get food delivery services all in one (although it also does SO MUCH more than this too!). 

To get started on GRAB is easy. Simply download the GRAB SuperApp to your phone, sign up using your phone number (Important: you don’t need an Indonesian number BUT you will need to be able to receive a text to get your confirmation code so bear this in mind and be sure you have international roaming on) and you’re ready to go! We recommend downloading the app and setting up your account before arriving in Bali.  You can attached a credit card or travel card to make automatic payments, but it’s also fine to pay for all of GRAB’s services using cash.

Another reason we love using GRAB (especially for transport) is for the safety element. You have the option to share your rides, so that friends and family can track your movements. We use this feature all of the time with our teenage kids who use GRAB for getting around. Once they order their GRAB they share their ride link with us and we can track the movement or the car or bike while they are in it. Another safety feature in the app is the SOS button. During your rides you have access to an SOS button, that alerts GRAB HQ that there is a problem or that you are feeling unsafe. If you every need to use this button (In 5 years of using GRAB we haven’t had to use it), action will be immediately taken to locate and contact you to help. 

On the topic of safety, you can also ride and drive with GRAB knowing that both you and the driver or rider are covered by insurance too!

See below for the services that we use the MOST in Grab SuperApp….

Airport Pick-ups

GRAB is the official app-based transport company for Bali airport and has a lounge and pickup point just outside the arrival area. If you don’t already have an airport pickup arranged on your arrival, head to the GRAB lounge at arrivals. Here you’ll find space to take a seat in the airconditioned lounge, charge your phone and log into the free wifi to order your GRAB pickup… which will arrive quickly right outside the lounge. There are even staff on hand to help you with your first time using the app! The price is set, so there is no negotiating or wondering if you’re paying too much! Hurrah – hassle free airport transfer! Better still it’s no problem to pay in cash on arrival to your accommodation. 

Tip: They even sell and set up local SIM cards close to the lounge, so purchase one and get it set up while you are there to make your time in Bali even easier and have data on the go! 

Grab Car

Gone are the days of having to haggle for transport or deal with taxis with tampered metres (a historic tourist trap) , getting around in Bali has become a breeze with GRAB car. When you want to go from A to B simply book your ride on GRAB app by using the GRAB Car option. You will see the set price when you book your ride, you can see how far away your driver is and their name and plate number. There is also a messaging option if you need to contact your driver or if your driver wants to contact you. Additionally, all of these rides are logged on your account, so if you happen to forget something in the car you can contact GRAB and let them know which ride it was and they will get in touch with the driver and help you locate your goods… this HAS happened to us (more than once) and we’ve been able to locate our misplaced goods.

TIPS: If you ever have any trouble locating your driver on their arrival, use the chat option to send a picture of where you are! 

Choose GRAB CAR XL for a care to fit up to 6 people, or to give you more comfort and space during your journey! 

Grab Rent

If you have multiple stops or want to go to areas outside the main areas, it’s better to order GRAB Rent – you can choose from renting a driver and car for 4,6,8 or 10 hours and create your own itinerary. This gives you the flexibility of having the same driver the whole time and knowing they are close by. A truly invaluable option when wanting to pack in all of the sites and hot spots of Bali. There are also some areas of Bali where is can be tricky to get picked up by “online drivers” due to tensions with the local transport drivers in the area, so when visiting these areas taking a GRAB rent can be a better option to avoid this.  Currently being picked up (Important: being dropped off is no problem in any area) from some areas areas in Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu (depending on how visible you are on the street) can be tricky as the locals ban pickups from these areas by online transport. If you have a rented driver waiting for you it’s no problem.

TIP: Choose GRAB CAR XL for a care to fit up to 6 people, or to give you more comfort and space during your journey! 

Grab Bike

We know it’s oh so tempting to choose to ride a bike while you are in Bali, hey we do it ourselves. It saves time in traffic and is the easiest way to get around the Island. The fact of the matter is though that many people are not properly licensed to do this (you need a full motorcycle license from your home country AND an international license) and often ride wearing no helmet and/or under the influence of alcohol. All of these factors mean that you won’t be covered by your travel insurance should you find yourself in an accident. A great alternative to riding a bike yourself is to order your bike ride through the GRAB app using GRAB Bike. You still get to where you need to go quickly, still get the thrill of travelling the streets of Bali on a bike and you can do it safely! For us this is a no brainer. GRAB riders will always provide you with a helmet to wear and it’s much safer than taking a motorcycle ride with a random person on the street… not to mention, it is super cheap and you don’t have to find a parking spot for your bike!

TIP: Choose GRAB Bike XL for extra comfort, this means you’ll be guaranteed a lager bike for your journey. A larger bike is a much more comfortable choice if you are tall, larger or taking a longer trip!

Grab Food

Days in Bali are long and hot and when on holidays even though you may imagine yourself being out and about all day and night, the reality is often come nightfall after a day of exploring you are ready for dinner and bed. When staying in a villa you don’t always have access to a cook or room service, and when staying in a resort you don’t always want to pay resort prices for food… or you might just have a good old fashioned craving for your favourite Bali restaurant (or even some comforts from home….think Maccas or Grill’d). GRAB food is your absolute “go to” to have your dining desires delivered to your door! No more taking hangry, tired kids out to dinner….everyone can order what they want and enjoy it together in comfort.

New features to GRAB Food is that you can even choose self pickup or pre-order dine in at the restaurants. Imagine you are on the beach catching the sunset and the kids are tired and you want to pickup some food on your way back to your resort…simply order it on GRAB app and choose self pickup and it will be ready with no waiting on the way home. If you prefer to dine in, but also want to make it quick, choose the dine-in option. You can arrive to the restaurant and your order will be ready to be delivered! The app gives you a countdown and let you know when it will be ready so you can time your arrival too! 

TIP: Checkout the Local Legends section on Grab Food if you are looking for what is popular with the locals in the area you are staying, this can help you narrow down your choices.  

Even more GRAB

For those of us who live in Bali, GRAB is the app we use for delivery services, paying our bills, buying tickets and giftcards and more… as we said, we’d find it hard to live in Bali without it now. It’s truly and everyday essential and a SuperApp. The services we’ve listed above however are services that will make your time in Bali so much easier, safer and cheaper while you are on holidays!

Download the GRAB SuperApp before your next Bali trip!

* NOTE – any parking, toll, or entrance fees incurred on your trips are extra on top of the set price for the rides

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