The Most Boring Ride in Bali

The Bali Buddies team is all about fun and adventure, but there is one place we like to play it safe and that is on the road. Driving in Bali is anything but a snore. A sea of motorbikes, different road rules, lots of tiny gangs (alleys) and very few signposted street names. Even we, the Bali experts could get ourselves into trouble if we hadn’t discovered GRAB, our favourite rideshare app.

Grab Ride

For most of us, self-navigating the roads in a foreign country can be a daunting task. You can relax though in Bali because GRAB has your back. You will never have to feel lost and helpless or out of your comfort zone because GRAB allows you to accurately pinpoint your pick-up location and drop-off point before your journey starts so that you can be sure you will get from A to B as safely and smoothly as possible.

In a place where street signs are few and far in-between and in another language, it is a godsend to be able to map your journey and destination before you leave the comfort of your accommodation and wi-fi connection. 

Once you plug in your trip details, the rest is in the hands of your capable driver. Your pre-screened driver will arrive at your pick-up destination and you are invited to sit back, switch off, check out, take a snooze, scroll or play Candy Crush. You’ll also rest easy knowing that GRAB rides cost much less than hiring a traditional tourist driver. 

Still not convinced that GRAB is the safest, most boring way to get around? GRAB has developed ways for women and everyone else to feel safe and empowered to travel alone around Bali, any time of day. The app comes with a number of safety features. Firstly the trip monitoring feature tracks your journey and alerts GRAB if the vehicle goes off the planned route or makes unprecedented stops and will send you an alert to ask if you are ok. You can also share your ride details with another user so that they can track your entire journey.

Grab Bali

Finally, there is an emergency button so that you can alert the police or ambulance in the rare case that things go pear-shaped and your alert will be attended to immediately. Amazingly 99.9% of GRAB rides last year were completed without any incidents. With all these safety features, GRAB is a game-changer for navigating around Bali!

Airport transfer? Super smooth. Finding that spa you have never been to? No sweat. Ride to a dinner date that you are late to? Snoozefest. Late night pick up? Totally uneventful. GRAB will be the most boring ride of your life and that’s why we want you to know about it! You can download and use GRAB without a local number making it the go-to choice for tourists as well as locals and expats. You can also use the GRAB app to order food, pick up and send packages and more. In our years of using the GRAB app, it has never let us down!

Grab Car Airport Reserve
Grab Car Airport

Check out this blog for more info on using GRAB while in Bali.

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