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Giving a Meaningful Gift

Giving a gift is a chance to remind our loved ones that we are thinking of them, and the fun of giving a gift is having it somewhat of a surprise. Local business GoGift is a new Bali-based business making gifting your friends and family in Bali easy, all while supporting local artisans and suppliers.

A Present for All!

The GoGift website is easy to use thanks to the intuitive menu that will guide you in discovering the wide variety of gifts and greeting cards they have available.

With categories such as:

  • Flower Arrangements – we personally love the “Moon Cactus” since we read the Native American Belief behind this “pointed” plant on the product information sheet.
  • Food and Refreshments – those who love sweets can look forward to a huge variety of chocolates and sweet bakery. You can also make a food parcel available at any budget and containing basic provisions such as rice, butter, oil, sugar if you have Indonesian friends needing support.
  • Gifts for Baby and Kids – cuddly toys of all shapes and sizes, games, clothes, puzzles and more.
  • Home Decor – this category is a great showcase of the amazing craftsmanship in Bali.
  • Fashion and Accessories, Handbags and Jewelry – unique pieces that guarantee aesthetic luxury connected with the best handmade tradition such as “Natural Bamboo Sunglasses”, “Hand painted Coconut Bag” and “Earrings Gold Plated Silver”.
  • Gifts of Money – Sometimes gifting money can feel a little soulless but GoGift makes it fun, think ‘money in a bottle’ or ‘money cards’, there are lots of fun ways to gift money with GoGift.
  • Wellness Gifts – luxe items such as butterfly pea Herbal Tea Tubes and dried rosemary from the Homemade Herbal Bath Salts.
  • Gifts for special occasions – such as Mother’s Day and something romantic/unique for your partners.
  • Gift Hampers – you can either mix and match and create your own, or choose from some of the premade hampers.

There really is a gift for every occasion in the GoGift range.

There Are Gifts… and There Are Stories to Be Told

More than just a gift delivery service, GoGift is also committed to supporting disadvantaged locals. The handmade greeting cards by Made by Ibu and the Blind Foundation DPD Pertuni Bali are giving support and a job to disadvantaged Indonesians, while giving you a choice of unique cards, made with love and purpose.

Made by Ibu is a non-profit organization and a safe house for underprivileged Balinese women. Teaching them new skills and improving existing ones to enable all these ladies to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

The Blind Foundation DPD Pertuni Bali is supporting the blind community to engage in productive and creative work. They are producing greeting cards using buttons, stickers and ribbons that are available for purchase within the GoGift range.

The Practicalities

Even though we love the story behind GoGift and the support it gives to local people, we also love the practicalities of such a service in Bali. Not only is this a service for those of us living in Indonesia to easily gift family and friends, but if you are living outside of Indonesia and are wanting to gift someone, GoGift is a game-changer. Trying to send a gift from your home country to Indonesia will not only see you having to pay expensive shipping fees, but on arrival to Indonesia there will be a large import tax bill (at least 40% of the gift’s value) for the receiver to pay upon collecting their package. By instead purchasing a gift from GoGift, you get more ‘gift’ for your money!

GoGift has a number of easy options for payments from both local accounts and for overseas payments too. They also have supportive customer service should you have any questions or concerns about your delivery.

It really is the easiest way to send a gift to someone in Bali!

Final Words

We are so happy to welcome GoGift to Bali, a practical and much needed service that is benefiting so many. If you are wanting to gift someone in Bali, jump on the GoGift website today and check out their amazing range!

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