Gin & Gastronomy – East Indies Gin Takes Centre Stage At Luma’s Pired Dining Event

East Indies Gin takes center stage at Luma’s paired dining event in Canggu, offering an evening of culinary delights paired with handcrafted cocktails featuring Indonesia’s first-ever artisanal gin.

A cocktail by East Indies Gin at The Luma's Dining Event

You’ve heard about the legendary arak that flows through the veins of Bali. But did you know that the island also boasts its very own gin distillery? 

East Indies Gin is Indonesia’s first-ever handcraft gin, which has boomed in popularity since it was first launched in 2021. With a passion for all things gin, we jumped at the chance to attend an exclusive East Indies Gin pairing dinner, which was to be held at the charming Luma restaurant in Canggu. 

The menu of the night at Luma's Dining Event featuring East Indies Gin

Before we delve into our evening of culinary delights, let’s take a moment to learn a little more about the star of the show – East Indies Gin. Born out of a passion for adventure and a love of quality spirits, the East Indies Gin Company draws its inspiration from the colourful history of the Dutch East Indies. 

This artisanal gin is a tribute to the spirit of exploration and adventure that once thrived in these exotic lands. From the aromatic spices traded along ancient maritime routes, to the lush botanicals found in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, each bottle of East Indies Gin is a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures and flavours that define this enchanting region.

A dish served on a plate at Luma's Dining Event featuring East Indies Gin

Already big fans of the gin’s bold juniper aroma and delicate notes of citrus and spice, we were excited to sample the specially crafted cocktails which were going to be on offer this evening. What better setting to have a premium gin pairing event than at Luma, one of our favourite Mediterranean-inspired restaurants located along Batu Bolong in the heart of Canggu. 

With its modern interior and outside dining space, Luma’s chic and contemporary design oozes culinary glamour – making it the perfect spot for a paired dining experience! The main theme of tonight’s feast centred around showcasing Luma’s premium pork recipes, with deliciously crafted dishes such as Balinese black pig charcuterie, and whole roasted pig served with salsa verde, pork hock, lentils and roast potatoes cooked in pork fat. 

Dishes and a champagne on the table at Luma's Dining Event featuring East Indies Gin

But before we got to dive into the delights of our gin pairing dinner, we had the chance to get our hands a little dirty (in the best way possible!) with a fun activity organised by the East Indies Gin Company. Letting us play mad scientist, we had the opportunity to craft our very own gin concoctions, selecting our ingredients from a buffet of botanicals and spices. With expert guidance from the mixologists, we mixed and matched ingredients until we found the perfect blend to suit our taste-buds. Our creations were then elegantly bottled, complete with cute gift bags to take home as a memento of our gin-making escapades. It was the perfect way to kick-off a night of gin-filled adventures!

Small bottle of Make Your Own East Indies Gin given to the guests

Now to the main event – the gin pairing! First-up was the carefully crafted Bedugul Spritz cocktail. We loved the zesty kick of the East Indies Pomelo Gin, while the clarified strawberry lent a touch of sweetness, creating the perfect balance. Mixed with Ginger Torch, Aperol and prosecco, the flavours danced across our tongue, making it the ideal way to kick-off the paired tasting experience.

Next, was the Native Gimlet – a bright and tangy burst of clarified calamansi fruit which awakens your senses with its refreshing citrusy notes. The warming and aromatic island spiced syrup and Angostura perfectly complements the East Indies Archipelago Gin, tantalising your taste-buds with its layers of sweetness and spice.

A dessert served on a plate with a cocktail by East Indies Gin at Luma's Dining Event

The grand finale to our gin tasting pairing was the delightful Kopi Negroni. Combining East Indies Banda Fine Spice Gin with Nusantara Cold Brew, this cocktail is a true indulgence for coffee-lovers! It’s a sophisticated twist on the classic drink, with the addition of Campari and sweet Vermouth, creating layers of flavour that unfold after every sip.

As the evening drew to a close and the last sip of gin was drained, we reflected on the wonderful evening. From the tantalising dishes, to the perfectly curated cocktails – there’s no doubt that the East Indies Gin pairing dinner at Luma restaurant was a night that we won’t forget!

For a touch of gin-spiration, check-out East Indies Gin on their website eastindiesgin.com or Instagram @eastindiesgin 

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