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Discover the exotic allure of Bali while achieving the perfect smile of your dreams. Embark on a dental journey like no other as you explore the stunning island paradise and experience the transformative power of veneers in Bali’s world-class dental clinics.

Smile Ready Dentist Bali

When we first moved from Australia to Bali, I never thought I would get any dental treatment in Bali, let alone consider getting veneers in Bali. We were continuously told by several Australian dentists that density methods and technology in Bali were not up to scratch. After living on the island for seven years, visiting several dentists and having a number of different procedures, we are here to tell you that the treatments, services, technology and clinics we’ve visited in Bali have been nothing short of amazing…..and are about a quarter of the price for the same treatments in Australia.

For the first few years when we visited dentists in Bali, it was for simple things such as cleans, fillings and baby teeth being pulled (for the kids). Every treatment was professional, friendly and so much cheaper than similar treatments back home in Australia. 

I’ve always had a slight overlap of my top middle teeth, this has never really worried me. About two years ago when I was sliding down Aling Aling waterfall I managed to knock myself in the front teeth in my slide down (let this be your warning if you also decide to slide down the waterfall). This resulted in one of my front teeth moving back just slightly. To look at my teeth they didn’t look that much different, but whenever a photo was taken if I wasn’t looking directly front onto the camera, one tooth would cast a shadow over the other and I would photograph looking like I had a tooth missing. Needless to say, after many photos where I looked like Cotton Eye Joe, I decided it was time to consider my options to get my teeth fixed. 

I turned to Dr Indra, a dentist I’d known for a long time and had actively followed his Instagram. In recent years he opened his own clinic not far from Seminyak called Smile Ready. I’d been watching Dr Indra on Instagram training other dentists and showing amazing before & after results from the cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry he performed on his patients (along with his team performing regular dentistry treatments too).

Smile Ready Dentist Practice Room

When I visited Dr Indra and showed him my issue, he advised that I had two choices to fix my issue – braces or veneers. For me it was an easy choice, being in my 40s and inpatient I chose to explore the option of getting veneers (which I’ll admit I was quite nervous about!). 

Dr Indra explained the entire process to me. How we’d shape the veneers, how best to choose the colour, what would happen at each stage and all of the other 100 questions I fired at him. My process would be to take moulds, and then glue on some temporary teeth and file them until I was happy with the shape and look. After this, I came back for the first procedure of shaving down my original teeth. Which turned out to be not painful and surprisingly quick (around 1.5 hours for six teeth). I then had temporary teeth (which looked completely normal) on for around 8 days. During this time my veneers were being made in the best tooth lab in Java (currently there aren’t any labs to do this in Bali). 

Once my veneers arrived back in Bali, I was back to Smile Ready for my temporary teeth to be replaced with my permanent veneers. This was an even quicker procedure than the first and agian not painful at all!

When I took my first look at my new smile my first thought was, why did I not do this two years ago when I first knocked my tooth? They looked so natural and felt so normal I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Now eight months on I still feel exactly the same way. 

After my Bali Insider’s podcast co-host, Emma saw my teeth, she too loved them and booked in with Dr Indra for an appointment for herself. Her teeth had moved a lot during her pregnancy and she was keen to get her smile fixed before her upcoming 40th birthday. Emma’s treatment was to get crowns rather than veneers, but she too is stoked with the results. 

Now our family uses Smile Ready for all of our dentistry and my youngest daughter is halfway through her braces treatment which has been so far, a seamless experience. 

In all of my questions asking to Dr Indra some key points stood out if you want thinking about also getting veneers in Bali:

– Don’t assume that choosing the whitest veneers will make your smile better. It’s important that your veneer colour is not drastically whiter than the colour of eyeball whites. If they are it will give you the overall appearance of being sick. 

– If you are coming from overseas to get dental treatment the most important thing is to allow yourself enough time. There are labs that make veneers quicker (so that the wait time between temporary teeth and veneers is quicker), however, if you want the best veneers the better labs take longer. 

– Having a dentist that takes time, and has high-end technology to show you projected images of what your new smile will look like, makes taking the plunge into a new smile so much more reassuring. 

– Book early! This is a super busy dentist clinic and you need to book well in advance and will also need to pay a deposit to hold your appointment times. 

– Listen to your dentist when he makes suggestions when choosing the colour and shape of your veneers/ crowns. 

The big question – how much did the entire process cost me? 24 million (approx $2400 AUD) for six veneers and all visits and checkups….and it was worth every single rupiah! 

See more of Smile Ready Dental Clinic here.

*This is our personal experience at this dentist, there are lots of great dentists in Bali and we encourage you to do your own research before deciding on who to see for your dentistry treatments.

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