Four Seasons Bali Reveals “Harmony with Nature, People, and Soul” TELU Cocktail Bar, Backing Local Charities

Discover TELU Cocktail Bar at Four Seasons Bali, a rustic-chic oasis rooted in Balinese heritage and sustainability. Enjoy innovative cocktails, Balinese-inspired cuisine, and a commitment to local communities and the environment.

Telu Cocktail Bar Four Seasons Jimbaran

Toast to goodness, Jimbaran Bay’s luxury resort is expanding its passion for sustainability and community engagement with the latest bar addition. Dive into the art of modern mixology and Balinese heritage. Experience the elevated bar scene with conscious care for the island and its resources.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay introduces its new rustic-chic cocktail bar, TELU. Set in a hidden aromatic herb garden in the center of the oceanfront all-villa resort, TELU is home to an inventive drinks menu by Bar Manager Jan Jurecka. 

Telu Cocktail Bar Four Seasons Jimbaran

Blending the best of tradition and creativity, TELU brings you an exceptional and uplifting experience made with much love for the island and its resources. It’s not just a place to drink – it’s a celebration of modern mixology rooted in a soulful connection to Bali’s heritage, environment, and people! 

Cocktail at Telu Cocktail Bar Four Seasons

The name TELU comes from the Balinese word for “three” – a reference to the traditional Balinese infamous philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. With well-being and prosperity at the heart of TELU, the innovative bar also supports three local community initiatives.

TELU’s marvelous initiative bloomed during the pandemic to support Four Seasons’ waste management and local community goals. Every staff member, from Food and Beverage to Engineering, worked hand-in-hand to make an epic open-air space using 100% repurposed and upcycled materials. From the bar counter to the display and bar lamps, you will see crafts made by local artisans, including bar stools!

Telu Cocktail Bar Four Seasons Jimbaran

TELU radiates a feel-good ambiance and an intimate setting with its rustic decor, local artwork, and soft lighting mix. It features a bar counter fitting up to eight people, six tables, and an atmospheric arak cellar. 

Celebrating the concept of circularity, TELU also features hand-woven, unique installation pieces and drink coasters by Plastik Kembali, who turns plastic waste into beautiful art. Also, check out the bar’s custom-made recycled glassware from Balinese creatives, CJ Recycle. 

TELU’s menu is all about sustainability and deliciousness. Over 80% of the ingredients are homegrown or from Indonesia, like honey from the resort’s trigona beehives, part of its local bee conservation and community project.

The menu follows the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, divided into three parts. Each part backs meaningful causes. Three drinks honour harmony with nature’s rhythms and supports innovative charity Sungai Watch to tackle river pollution; another three celebrate harmony with people, with proceeds going to helping the island’s youngsters escape poverty through education with Bali Children’s Project; and the final three creations represent harmony with soul, dedicated to the coral reef restoration work of local community initiative Ocean Gardener.

Cocktail at Telu Cocktail Bar Four Seasons

Indonesian ingredients take the spotlight here, including Bali’s beloved arak, a traditional spirit made from the fermented sap of coconut trees. Try the silky “Down to Earth” with gin, spirulina, matcha, passionfruit, guava, honey nectar, and coconut milk whey. “Unusual Suspects” mixes ecoSPIRITS vodka, Cascara, coffee grinds, honey nectar, and cocoa nibs, a twist on Espresso Martini honouring community bonds. And for a soulful ocean touch, go for “Coral Guardian” – Palwana arak, Nusa Cana rum, pandan, peanut, lime, and dragon fruit jam.

Wrap up your journey with an array of Balinese-inspired culinary delights. Laidback feasting options include Bali Tacos – whipped tofu, avocado, snake fruit, and lawah; Chicken Crisps made with shredded chicken, crispy skin, and local sambal; and Jimbaran Clam Dip served with wood-fired sourdough bread, chorizo, and garden herb butter.

TELU is visionary when it comes to breaking new ground in waste management. The bar teams up with suppliers like ecoSPIRITS to cut packaging waste in the spirits supply chain. It also gets crafty with fermentation, distillation, composting, and preservation techniques like lacto-fermenting, dehydrating, and pickling.

Plus, guests can make their own eco-cocktails using garden goodies and dive into Bali’s arak heritage through exclusive TELU Sustainable Cocktail Bar Workshops. Join monthly events spotlighting local distillers, producers, and guest bartenders to dig deeper into Bali’s awesome vibes!

This bar is not just for the drinkers, TELU also distills its own non-alocoholic spirits, and as much love and craft goes into making their non-alcohlic cocktails, as it does making the alcoholic ones. 

TELU adds to the world-class luxury experience deeply rooted in Balinese heritage at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Authentic arts, culinary delights, and cultural adventures admirers, this one is surely not to miss!

For more information and reservation, contact TELU’s team through FS Chat.

TELU at Four Seasons Resort Bali Jimbaran Bay

Address: Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Instagram: @telubarbali

Tel: +62 361 708333

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