Find Quick Relief for Holiday Health Hiccups at Saline Bali Clinic

Find quick relief for holiday health issues at Saline Bali Clinic. Get expert care for minor health concerns like Bali Belly, hangovers, and dehydration, ensuring a fast recovery to enjoy your Bali vacation.

In home treatment with Saline Bali Clinic

Feeling unwell on holiday? Saline Bali Clinic provides expert care for minor health issues travellers might encounter in Bali, ensuring a fast and safe recovery for an instant return to optimum holiday health!

Catching the infamous ‘Bali Belly’ or feeling slightly under-the-weather during a Bali trip is common, especially if your stomach has been sampling unfamiliar local food and drinks, experiencing a change in hygiene standards, or you are feeling run-down from all of your busy vacay adventures! 

A woman getting a treatment with Saline Bali Clinic

If you get struck-down during your Bali trip, it’s only natural to want to look for fast and safe treatment. Strategically located in the Sunset Road area, Saline Bali Clinic serves as a one-stop-shop for a variety of IV therapies and medical services. The clinic uses the well-known Saline method, which possesses unique benefits and takes effect more rapidly than oral medicines. It can also be combined with an array of vitamins and medicines to help combat common travel illnesses such as dehydration, hangovers, dengue fever, Bali Belly, or general fatigue.

Group of guys having a treatment with Saline Bali Clinic

The treatments at Saline are performed by Indonesian-certified doctors and nurses to ensure the utmost safety standards. You may also find it reassuring to know that this popular Bali clinic only utilises legally registered medicines, according to the guidelines of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Administration. Plus, the clinic accepts payments via cash, transfer and card, making your experience totally hassle-free – just what you need if you’re not firing on all cylinders!

Saline’s IV Therapies include Bali Belly Care, which provides either Bali Belly or Traveler’s Diarrhoea IV therapy. Other treatments that are also available include the Hangover Drip (a complete package for a quick hangover recovery), the Hydration Package and a Vitamin Booster to rejuvenate your inner well-being.

A woman in bed having a treatment with Saline Bali Clinic

Saline is committed to delivering efficient services using advanced technology, with convenient options for homecare and in-clinic treatments. For Medical Services, Saline provides in-house doctor checks and house-call visits. If you’re struggling to get to the clinic, (especially solo travellers or those suffering with strong symptoms) you can always have Saline’s team come to your villa or hotel. 

Saline Bali Clinic can provide a variety of vaccine services to help protect you from viruses, such as dengue fever, influenza, or Hepatitis A and B. Depending on your medical conditions, the clinic also offers a comprehensive list of lab testing options for total peace of mind!

If you feel discomfort from your symptoms and need fast and effective treatment, you can consult with Saline Bali’s team or book an appointment through WhatsApp or email at [email protected]

Stay healthy and happy in paradise with Saline Bali!

Saline Bali

Address: Jl. Sunset Road, Ruko Sunset Plaza no. 19, Seminyak, Kecamatan Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, 80361

Instagram: @saline.bali

Tel: (+62) 8113834475

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