Celebrate the Magic of the Festive Season at Nakula’s Best Villas!

The holiday season will soon be here! If you’re still on the hunt for the ultimate December getaway, Nakula has a range of exciting villa options to make your seasonal escape totally unforgettable.

Unwrap a festive array of Nakula’s hand-picked accommodation, to guarantee you a truly magical December holiday in Bali. Choose from Nakula’s crown jewels – Omekali, Omegia, Omecure, Angsa, Kama Village, Majapahit Beach Villas, and Puri Tempo Doeloe. Whether you crave peaceful beachfront scenes, luxe private villas, or hilltop views, Nakula has got the perfect villa for you!

Villa Omekali

A room with a swimming pool and a balcony at Villa OMEKALI

Located in this vibrant part of Bali, Villa Omekali is an ideal option for a  Canggu family retreat. The villa’s four bedrooms are carefully designed for comfort and style, with warm woody tones and modern furnishings blending seamlessly with traditional Balinese accents. With large windows inviting in plenty of natural light, each room in Villa Omekali offers a serene escape with views of the lush island surroundings. 

This tropical modern villa accommodates up to 10 people, offering facilities such as expansive gardens and pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, WiFi throughout the villa, private spa and a spacious living area.

Villa Omegia

This seven-bedroom villa in Canggu exudes luxury and comfort from every corner. Villa Omegia features two distinctive villas – a two-bedroom villa ideal for two couples on vacation and a five-bedroom villa with a private plunge pool which is perfect for larger groups.

The modern furnishings create an atmosphere of contemporary elegance at Villa Omegia,  with large windows striking a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living. Also, Villa Omegia features its own Joglo – a traditional Javanese house with airy design, a pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and in-house amenities.

Villa Omecure

Nestled along a jungle-clad river in Tabanan Regency, Villa Omecure is a serene escape for those seeking total relaxation. Surrounded by the lush forest and Kaba Kaba village jungle, this villa features six standalone bedrooms, making it the perfect sanctuary for families, bigger gatherings, and even yoga retreats. Not only that, Villa Omecure’s inviting sunset lounge at the river’s edge is a particular favourite for those moments of tranquillity.

Villa Angsa

Villa Angsa in Sanur showcases an authentically Balinese design, embodying the finest aristocratic living concept with plenty of flair. Witness Bali’s creative soul, with cool antiquities and art pieces featured in every room, as well as detailed wood carving and stonework. Located in laid-back Sanur, this villa offers a stunning two-story traditional Balinese setup with four bedrooms, each level hosting a main living area. 

The ground level features an expansive living room with separate dining room and kitchen located next to the master bedroom, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The lush garden also features a variety of native plants and a natural stone-rimmed outdoor jacuzzi. With Villa Angsa located just a short 3-minute stroll from popular Mertasari Beach, it has prime location written all over it!

Kama Village

The building where the hotel is located at Villa KAMA VILLAGE

Need a more spacious spot in Sanur to accommodate your crew? This resort-style designer villa has 14 bedrooms with double beds, a kitchenette and a lounge. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Kama’ means love, and you’re sure to fall in love with Kama Village with its blend of chic sophistication and cosy living.

The suites at Kama Village merge traditional Balinese design with modern comfort. The outdoor pool is stocked with beach towels, sun loungers and chairs for ultimate relaxation, and the communal kitchen and living room provides a spacious area that’s perfect for hosting larger gatherings.

Majapahit Beach Villas

Live luxuriously at Majapahit Beach Villas, a complex of three-bedroom villas in the heart of Gianyar. This ultramodern gem features three identical double-story villas which fuse contemporary design with traditional Javanese architecture. The chic interiors blend hardwood and elegant furnishings, incorporating a variety of small and large art pieces.

For those thrill-seekers amongst you, Majapahit Beach Villas offers plenty of adrenaline boosting activities, such as surfing and cliff paragliding, just a stone’s throw away from the nearby black sandy beach. Those looking to unwind after a busy day are also catered for, with a host of health and wellness packages. Not only that, but you’ll find heaps of beaches, restaurants and hidden gems all within easy reach.

Puri Tempo Doeloe

A white bedroom with wooden floors and a canopy bed in Hotel PURI TEMPO DOELOE

A timeless sanctuary in nostalgic Sanur, Puri Tempo Doeloe, effortlessly blends vintage charm with a touch of modern elegance. This unique vintage hotel offers 18 rooms designed with a sprinkling of traditional charm, antique furnishings and ornate decor.

In every corner of Puri Tempo Doeloe, you’ll discover fascinating history and modern comforts. The room options include Deluxe Room, Suite Room, Cottage Deluxe, Cottage Suite, 1 and 3 Bedroom Bungalows – ideal for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an inspiring business trip.

The on-site Pendopo Puri Restaurant serves up a delectable array of local and international cuisine, and the hotel’s spa has a wide range of traditional treatments and wellness practises to leave you feeling fully rejuvenated.

With December being a popular time, it’s essential to secure your rooms quickly! For more information and to make a reservation, visit Nakula Hospitality Management’s website.

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