Exploring Flores – a True Gem in Indonesia

Flores in Indonesia is an Island famous for being home to the carnivorous Komodo Dragons, it’s gorgeous Pink Beach and stunning diving & snorkelling spots. In recent years it has become one of Indonesia’s hottest tourist destinations, and there are big plans for this Island to make it to everyone’s Travel Bucket List.

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Getting to Flores From Bali

Getting to Flores from Bali is easy with a direct flight into Labuan Bajo. The flights are only one hour & 10 minutes long and see you land close to the city if Labuan Bajo. Flights from Bali to Flores, Indonesia range from 500,000 Rp ($35 USD) – 1,000,000 Rp ($70 USD) each way, depending on which airline you fly and when.

You can also book private 2, 3, or 4-day trips from Bali to Flores (see below)

Where to Stay in Flores, Indonesia?

There are several accommodation options both in Labuan Bajo & on the surrounding Islands (which you need to take a boat to reach once you land at the airport). For our trip with based ourselves at Labun Bajo’s first ever five-star resort, AYANA Komodo. This resort is what holiday dreams are made of, and it’s only a 10-minute car journey from the airport.

Ayana Komodo Ocean View Suite
Ayana Komodo Pool
Ayana Komodo Spa

TIP: There is no online transport or traditional taxis in Labuan Bajo yet. To get to your accommodation you can either arrange this through your hotel or negotiate with a local driver at the airport. The going rate is 50,000Rp into Labuan Bajo township, 100,000 Rp to AYANA Komodo Resort.

Explore the island through bicycle from Ayana Komodo

Things to See and Do in Flores, Indonesia

The beauty of a visit to Flores is you don’t have to go far to have wonderful and beautiful experiences. All around the coastline you’ll find gorgeous water and lots of coral reefs. The landscape is full of rolling green hills and there are dotted islands for as far as the eye can see! AYANA Komodo Resort can arrange your entire itinerary to explore the best of Flores, but you can also have so many experiences without even leaving the resort! We suggest making your bucket list of what you want to see and do before you go, but also have some backup plans in case of bad weather if your day is planned out on the water.
Ayana Komodo can arrange a Romantic dinner on a floating deck

When it comes to romantic occasions, AYANA Komodo does it better than anyone! You can catch the famous sunset on a floating raft set up with a picnic or dinner, enjoy a rooftop romantic dinner set up with hundreds of candles, take your breakfast on the private seaside deck, or enjoy a dinner cruise at sunset on their cruise boat AYANA Lako Sae.

The team at AYANA Komodo really go the extra mile to ensure that your special occasion is well and truly catered to. No detail is left out from music, to candles, to food, to decor…. we even quickly found that even every staff member was so good at taking photos, it was like having a personal photographer there with us for the whole trip!

Enjoy fresh seafoods at Ayana Komodo's KISIK Seafood Restaurant
Romantic Dinner at Ayana Komodo's Naga Pier

AYANA Komodo is home to a range of dining and drinking destinations. From UNIQUE Rooftop Bar to the ocean front, live grill KISIK Seafood Restaurant, there are a total of seven outlets within the resort to enjoy the five-star cuisines and carefully curated drinks. We especially enjoyed Naga Bar during our stay, which is located at the end of the iconic pier at the resort. Here you literally dive right into the beautiful blue ocean waters right from the bar itself!There is a lot to explore both on and off the water in Flores and these are just some of the highlights…

AYANA Komodo facilities for kids
Lako Taka features a glass bottom boat

This resort is not just for couples though. It has an amazing kids club and a lot of kids’ activities too. AYANA Kids Club caters to kids of all ages and has lots of fun experiences for kids to enjoy during their stay. Kids and adults can even take some time to make a difference in KOMODO’s preservation during their stay while taking part in the resort’s coral planting program.

Explore Komodo Island through a speed boat
Explore Komodo aboard Lako Cama speed boat
On a speed boat with the captain

Of course, the true star of the show on this Island is the nature and you must take some time to enjoy it! AYANA Komodo arranged all our adventures for us. They own a range of boats that you can charter or join a group trip during your stay.

There is a lot to explore both on and off the water in Flores and these are just some of the highlights…

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is part of the Komodo National Park and is UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the famous Komodo Dragons, the largest monitor lizards on the planet. A trip to Komodo Island must be taken with a guide, and you must follow their instructions. It is a real treat to get up close and personal with these amazing animals, but they can be dangerous…so listen to your guide!

TIP: You can combine a visit to Komodo Island as part of an Island Hopper adventure where you also get to visit Pink Beach, Padar Island and take some time to snorkel in the gorgeous turquoise waters. Click here to book a day-trip to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Island
Komodo Dragon found at the Komodo Island

Pink Beach

You have most likely seen an image of this famous beach come across your Instagram feed. As the name suggests, this beach is famous for its pink sand and turquoise water. The pink sand is an occurrence of white sand mixed with tiny bits of red coral that have been washed up by the waves. The pink sand where the water meets the waves is truly beautiful. This is also a great spot to enjoy some snorkelling, there is a huge array of tropical fish and well-preserved corals to see.
The Pink Beach

Padar Island

Padar Island is also part of the Komodo National Park, if you hike to the summit, you will be rewarded with one of Indonesia’s most beautiful viewpoints. Be sure to pack some walking shoes for the hike, it is a little steep and sandy, but the view of the landscape from the top is memorising.
Padar Island in Flores Indonesia

Rangko Cave

Just a short 25-minute drive and 15 minute boat ride from AYANA Komodo Resort is the stunning Goa Rangko (Rangko Cave). A short walk from the beach where you dock is the mouth entrance to the cave. There are steps leading down to most turquoise water we’ve ever seen! Take a swim through the crystal-clear water of the cave, it’s just as popular with the locals as it is the tourists. If you are looking for the best light for pictures, it is usually between 12pm-2pm each day.
Inside the Rangko Cave
With the kids inside Rangko Cave

Snorkel at Manta Point

Snorkelling (or diving) with manta rays is certainly an unforgettable experience. Manta Point in Komodo National Park is one of the best spots in the world to be able to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. If you’re lucky not only, will you see mantas but also turtles and a range of coral and marine life.

Scuba Diving

Beside motorbike tours the resort also offers guided hikes through the rice fields and down to the river. We didn’t get to do this during our stay but plan to do it next visit. The guide will take you right through the rice terraces and down to the river, explaining the local area to you.

Final Words

These are just some of the adventures to be had on the beautiful Island of Flores. The spot is up and coming and we are sure you are going to hear much, much more about this travel destination in the years to come. For us, one visit to Flores is not enough! With such easy access from Bali, we have already planned another trip to explore more of Flores. Indonesia truly is wonderful; it is no surprise that Forbes voted it the most beautiful country in the world!!

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