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Sanur Beach

Sanur, a wonderful beachfront town in the southeast of Bali, is home to a long stretch of beach. Colorful traditional Jukung boats are parked on the white sandy beaches, so you’ll definitely want to bring your camera along. The town of Sanur is still relatively quiet, so running on the road is an option too.

We have created three running routes for you. The first one is a 100% beach run. Starting from the beach in front of Sanur Beach Hotel, you follow the paved cycling path in northern direction all the way until SegaraAyu Beach, on the way passing Sanur’s most exquisite beach front resorts. At SegaraAyu Beach, you turn around and run back to your starting point. The turning point on the map is at 3.5KM, so once back at the starting point you completed a 7KM run. Of course, you turn back sooner if you prefer a shorter run.

Follow this link to download this 7KM running course to your smartphone:

The second option is a road run. This is a 10KM run and is actually the running course of the SanuRUN, a race held here in 2014 and 2015. This one starts at Mertasari Beach and via small idyllicalleys you’ll run towards DanauPoso street. At the small roundabout, you turn left onto Sanur’s main road which you’ll follow till you’ve completed about 3.5KM of your run. That’s when you leave the main road for a small detour through the town’salleys. At Danua Toba street you turn right onto PantaiSindu street where you’ll make U-turn before running back to the starting point via DanauTamblingan street. Alternatively, you can skip the U-turn and run back via the beach path.

Follow this link to download this 10KM running course to your smartphone:

Last but not least, we got a combi run for you. This run takes you along the beach in northern direction and then along the main street back to your starting point, Mertasari Beach. Of course, you can also run the other direction, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on the stunning sunrise views, so we recommend going out via the paved cycling path on the beach first.

Follow this link to download this 10KM running course to your smartphone:

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