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Nusa Dua Beach

The calmness and quietness of the Nusa Dua ITDC complex sets the perfectclimate for a peaceful morning run. And because it’s safe and quiet, you could even run here in the late-afternoon, though you would have to slalom your way around people as the beachfront path is quite busy in the afternoon.

Perhaps the most popular option is to run on the beach as this is the side of the island where the sun comes up, proving jaw-dropping sceneries early in the morning. Almost the entire stretchhas a paved path, from the St. Regis Bali hotel all the way to Benoa. Obviously, you can make your run as long (or as short) as you want, but we set out an 8-kilometer run, starting from the Pirates Bay parking. Enter the beach, run in southern direction and turn left onto the peninsula. Here you can make a loop (don’t forget to stop for a selfie at the famous Waterblow) before continuing your run along the beach. Pass some of Nusa Dua’sfinest 5-star hotels, such as Grand Hyatt Bali, until you reach the St. Regis Bali. This is where the path ends and where you turn back and run into northern direction. You can do the peninsula loop again, or you just go straight back to the starting point. If you still have energy left, don’t stop here, but continue running and enjoy sneak peeks into resorts of the likes of The Westin Bali and the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, until you reach the Sofitel. This is where you make a U-turn and run back to where you started to have completed a nice 8-kilometers run.

Follow this link to download this 8KM running course to your smartphone:

Alternatively, you can opt for a run on the sidewalks of the Nusa Dua ITDC complex. Starting from the parking of Bali Collection shopping mall, run north towards the main roundabout. Keep left and make a U-turn at the entrance of the complex, carefully cross the road as you’ll continue your run in northern direction when you’re back at the roundabout. Keep going till the end and make another U-turn, back to the main roundabout again. This time you keep left, so you basically run on the other side of Bali Collection. After you passed Grand Hyatt Bali, you keep left again and you make your final U-turn in front of the AyodyaResort Bali entrance, from where you run back to your starting point and by now you’ve completed a 6-kilometers run.

Follow this link to download this 6KM running course to your smartphone:

The third option is to head out for a slightly longer run and combine both options as described above.

Follow this link to download this 10KM running course to your smartphone:

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