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Zero Waste Bali

Zero Waste Bali Makes Living Sustainable An Easy & Enjoyable Feat

If you’ve ever been irked by all the plastic in your life, this place is for you. Zero Waste Bali is a bulk shopping store in both Kerobokan and Ubud where you can get all your favorite kitchen staples, without the packaging to go along. Based on the premise that individual actions can truly make a difference, this store is perfect for those who want to make the world a better, more wholesome place. As the first zero waste bulk store in Indonesia, this is a place for innovators.

With Zero Waste Bali’s Help, You Have What It Takes To Live Eco-Friendly

The premise for Zero Waste Bali is pretty simple. You bring in a reusable bag or container for your products (you can also snag some cool mesh pouches in the shop) and get them weighed. From there, you fill your containers up with your fave products and purchase them based on the weight of what you’ve filled up. The store itself offers more than 200 food and non-food items, all of which are organic and free from GMOs. Grains, rice, flours, teas, chocolate, body care, dishwashing liquids and reusable products are all at Zero Waste Bali.

Not only do you cut out the packaging from your life, but you’re also taking only as much as you need and using it up. Considering food waste is one of the world’s largest polluters as well as a major contributor to global hunger, the perks are truly multifaceted. In its first five months in business, Zero Waste Bali managed to save 2,500 plastic bags and 7,500 plastic containers, and the numbers are only rising.

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  • Kerobokan 9-6 Monday to Sunday | Ubud Monday to Saturday 10-3