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The Dusty Cafe

The Dusty Cafe: Serving Up Wholesomeness On a Platter

Some businesses run with the motivation of profit. Others, like The Dusty Cafe, do so on the basis of goodness. With inspiration from the ever-infamous Burning Man festival, this place uses food to nourish your body and spirit alike.

Reward Yourself with a Table at Dusty

The Dusty Cafe does not pigeonhole itself to one cuisine. French, American and Italian influences all find their way onto the menu. Artful burgers, overflowing bruschetta and savory salads prove the complexity of this food. Tarts and homemade puddings serve as a welcome end to an edible experience.

Breakfast is one thing that this cafe has got down pat. Eggs benedict, avocado toast and fresh fruit bowls give you everything you’ve ever wanted and then some. They definitely don’t skimp on their local fruit smoothie selection, either; it’s colorful, rich and invigorating to say the least. Cappuccinos and other energizing creations are aplenty.

As for the ambience, this is one stylish scene. A well-decorated cafe only makes us want to come back, and we’re not sure The Dusty Cafe can get any more appealing. We suppose what we’re saying is this: don’t be surprised if your morning passes by and you realize you’ve been at Dusty all the while.

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  • Daily from 8.30 am - 10.30 pm