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Padi Fine Dining

Food Turned into Arts at Padi Fine Dining

Fresh and rich of flavors of the Western world are Chef Dedi’s cooking signature for almost 18 years. He strongly believes that fine dining is about creativity, professionalism and perfection and this surely reflects in his stunningly delicious dishes at Padi Fine Dining, at Desa Visesa in Ubud.

Delectable Fresh Pescatarian Dishes With a Touch of Asian Influence

A hidden gem, surrounded by lush jungle, Padi Fine Dining in Ubud offers an array of vegetarian and pescatarian dishes. As the private dining restaurant’s name suggests, here you enjoy meat-free dining experiences in a beautiful setting.

Meat-lovers, don’t click away just yet, because what Padi lacks in steaks, it makes up for in the most delicious pesco-vegetarian cuisine you can think of. Think high quality Hotatei scallops from Japans’s Tsukiji fish market, making for an exquisite carpaccio starter. Or try the house-smoked aubergine, flavoured by hoisin and rice skin, served with a bed of slow-cooked onion soubise. Mouthwatering dishes are waiting for you.

Getting hungry yet? Make sure to book your table in advance and indulge in a gourmet lunch or dinner at this popular fine dining restaurant in Ubud.

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  • from 6 pm - 11pm