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Nonadansa Kitchen & Coffee

Perk Up at Sanur’s Nonadansa Kitchen and Coffee

It’s not often that a business does two things right (let alone one) but Nonadansa Kitchen and Coffee has both sides of the coin down pat. With drool-worthy meals from the kitchen and sip-happy cups from the barista, this Sanur eatery will have you wondering just which menu option to go for first.

Classic Indonesian Fare and Killer Coffee

Many people believe that Sanur is one of the best places to experience the real Bali. With a quality array of restaurants and a quiet stretch of coast, travelers view the region as a place worth settling down on, if only for the time being. We happen to agree, and Nonadansa Kitchen and Coffee is evidence to the matter. Those streetside dishes you see in Bali? This place takes them up a notch. And that basic cup o’ joe you’re oh-so-familiar with? Yeah, they up the ante on that, too. We have to admit that their cozy, boho-forward space makes everything taste that much better.

Nonadansa’s urutan panggang—grilled Balinese pork sausage—really does melt in your mouth. Their soft-shell crab salad pairs meat with fresh ingredients like mango, fennel and a kaffir lime dressing. Steamed barramundi from the local coast, nasi goreng with tuna and gule lamb shank all make an impression on the palate. Meanwhile, their award-winning coffee washes everything down. Do yourself a favor and save room at the end for coconut avocado panna cotta (if you don’t, you’ll just have to make a second trip).

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