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Jackson Lily’s Restaurant

Jackson Lily’s: A Bali Experience All Its Own

Imagine Chef Dean Keddell’s Ginger Moon—its style, flavors and attitude—then multiply it. Jackson Lily’s is yet another establishment by the famed Aussie chef, and it takes everything up a notch.

Bravery on the Balinese Plate

Eating out can be just as much an experience as scuba diving or surfing, especially at Jackson Lily’s. The restaurant’s food pays homage to its Balinese roots through fresh ingredients and island-inspired flavor combinations. All the while, this courageous menu amps up the creativity tenfold.

Go for the crispy orange pork belly with anise reduction, meter-wide pizza topped with spiced lamb, pumpkin gnocchi or Bali-style ramen. If you’re a fan of spice, test yourself with spicy BBQ chicken or spaghetti ole ole, the latter of which is chock full o’ chili and tuna.

This establishment is not just for the dinner seekers. Refreshing, healthy breakfast and light, delectable lunch matter just as much to Jackson Lily’s as the last meal of the day.

Whatever you do, save room for a Jackson Lily’s dessert (even you, breakfast eaters). Treats like lemon tart, coconut ice cream and passion fruit yoyo sing Bali loud and clear.

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  • Daily from 8 am - 11 pm