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Hatch: Where the Good Times Go to Roll in Bali

Let’s set the stage: a jungle atmosphere, lively DJs, day-long happy hours and a fusion menu meant for sharing. It’s Hatch Uluwatu, and it’s Bali’s very own Japanese-Latin cuisine.

Hatch Shows Bali’s Wild Side

This is no ordinary restaurant. For Hatch, you’ll want to reserve an entire afternoon, evening or both. Dancing, munching and sipping are all players in this restaurant’s game.

When the hunger strikes, you’ll have no choice but to delve into the likes of cauliflower steaks, chipotle fried chicken wings, naked kimchi burritos and fried white snapper tacos. Cinnamon churros and apple enchiladas cover the sweet side of things, as does a line of homemade lollies. Whether vegan or carnivorous, there’s a spot on the docket for you at Hatch.

Libations take center stage at Hatch, as proven by their extensive beverage menu. Everything from kombucha to cognac, fresh-pressed juices to a Feelin’ 15 Again cocktail whet the dancing whistle. And their sharing jugs, filled to the brim with tropical-inspired chugs, are not to be ignored.

With a wood- and bamboo-forward aesthetic, as well as plenty of color to show their unapologetically creative side, Hatch is a scene that’s worth returning to. The locals and travelers who make their way here time and time again clearly know what’s good for them.

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  • Daily from 12 pm - 12 am