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Bella Vista Coffee & Juice Bar

Bella Vista Brings Fusion Fun to Bali

Coffee. Juice. Platters. Bella Vista has it all. With inspiration from Europe, Australia and Bali alike, this internationally curated destination leaves little to the palate’s imagination.

Head to Legian for a Dining Endeavor, Any Time of Day

Amidst Legian’s relaxed atmosphere, Bella Vista serves thoughtful cuisine all day long. They do coffee the right way, following the mantra that “life’s too short for bad coffee.” So too do they focus on healthy, fruity beverages that honor the island’s native ingredients. If you want to make something at home, their very own supermarket can grant you everything you need to whip up a homemade meal.

Streetside tables, air-conditioned seating and backyard dining that’s surrounded by a garden environment are all available, letting you pick and choose the experience you want to have. Reserve the garden and you have the perfect space for private events, too.

Bella Vista serves up specialties that you may have trouble tracking down elsewhere on the island. Cold cider, iced lime squash and imported teas are just some of their unique refreshments. As for the food, tender baguettes, Aussie pies and homemade gelato take center stage for many a food enthusiast. All in all, the team at Bella Vista knows good and well you want a dining experience you can remember, and they’re prepared to give it to you.

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  • Daily from 7 am - 10:30 pm