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Adventure Bus and Booz

Adventure Bus & Booz is Everything It Sounds Like, & Then Some

Have you ever been at a bar and wished there was some way to make this experience more…exciting? After all, bars are everywhere in the world, and there are only so many forms they can take. Alas, Adventure Bus & Booz heeds the call for great exploration. Hop on this open-air bus in none other than Kuta, Bali and enjoy free-flowing beer and wine as you freewheel through town.

Cheers to Friends New & Old On the Kuta Roads

Whether you’re with a group of your oldest pals or you’re gathering with some fresh faces, Adventure Bus & Booz is bound to be a rolling good time. This bright green bus struts its stuff through Kuta for birthday parties, nights out on the town, city tours and more.

The drivers are experienced and safe, while the hostesses are friendly pros. Onboard Wi-Fi and a killer sound system help bring your adventure to life. There’s even a tucked-away toilet in the back so you can keep the party jumping. You have the chance to pick your own route through the Kuta roadways, depending on what you want to see and do along the way. Order your fave snacks to keep on board, too! Morning, afternoon and evening tours are available for your holiday convenience. The best part? It’s totally affordable, starting at just 30 AUD…

…talk about a deal on wheels!

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  • Daily from 10 am to 10 pm