Eat Pray Love Tour

Bring Eat Pray Love to Life in Bali

The spirituality that lies within Balinese culture is pretty much impossible to ignore. From numerous local holidays to the meaningful practices of everyone who inhabits the island, it’s a side that’s surely worth diving into.

On this tour, a guide who’s well-versed on all things Bali will take you to Ubud for a calming morning stroll through rice paddy fields. These are lush, expansive and scenic pastures that can calm any visitor. With the cool morning air breezing past you and the views of hillsides to look out to, this makes for an ideal way to begin the day.

Intuitive Flow, a yoga studio with a serious mountain view, makes its way onto the itinerary. During a quaint 90-minute yoga class, you’ll be able to admire Mount Agung as well as the sun shining above it. Really, it’s the best place to perform your sun salutations on the island, what with the sun right in front of you ready to accept any salutations that come its way.

Tirta Empul, a highly revered collection of temples, is a beautiful area. It’s home to holy waters which many people bathe in for spiritual cleansing. That’s right, an experienced guide will help you to do just this, putting you in the perfect place to have your fortune read by a spiritual guide in Ubud.

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The Ins and Outs of a Healthy Island

Health is a beautiful thing, and this island has plenty of it. Plant-based food finds its way into every corner of Bali, making it a true paradise for vegans as well as those simply seeking a more conscious diet. Raw food, vegan food, organic food and even all of the above are the perfect way to wrap up a spiritually led journey through Bali.

If you take this tour on the right day, you may just find yourself at the Ubud Organic Market, which happens every Sunday and consists of fresh produce and mindfully prepared products alike

Keep in Mind Before You Go

Since this tour includes a yoga class, it’s wise to bring a change of clothes so you can be as comfortable as possible all day. The studio has the rest of the goods, like mats and props. What class you find yourself in really depends on the day, but they’ll always be welcoming of newcomers! Take advantage of the open lunchtime by choosing a new and exciting meal on your own terms. It’s the perfect way to propel you forth for the remainder of your Eat Pray Love in Bali tour.

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