Elevate Indonesian Spirit with The New East Indies’ Pomelo Pink Gin

Based in Bali, Spice Islands Distilling Co. is Indonesia’s first authentic craft distillery. The company’s vision is to ‘Raise Indonesian Spirits’ by making world class spirits in Indonesia, showcasing the truly staggering array of botanicals and flavours Indonesia has to offer.

Spice Islands Distilling Co. showcases unique blends of exotic botanicals and flavors to raise Indonesian spirits with its latest release: East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin.

The award-winning Spice Distilling Co. is Indonesia’s first authentic craft distillery based in Bali. Spice Island Distilling Co. introduced its first craft gin in November 2021 with the release of the East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin offering a twist on classic gin cocktails. 

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Having the vision to elevate Indonesian spirits on the international scene, the distillery continues to serve rich archipelago-inspired flavor with the new East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin. 

Blending ripe Bali pomelo, grapefruit and juniper, coriander, and angelica root, along with hibiscus and Bedugul strawberries, the East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin gives a fresh and aromatic scent. This dry pink gin will taste even better when served cold over ice or with a splash of tonic. 

As if a premium taste isn’t enough, The East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin is packaged elegantly in a stylish glass bottle with a wooden lid. It displays a beautiful visual of a Balinese woman decorated with peach and pink tones, resembling the color of Bali Pomelo, the king of citrus. 

Not only the highest quality, but Spice Islands Distilling Co. also commits to finding the most flavourful and finest Indonesian botanicals – all for creating the highest quality distilled gins. 

All craft spirits in Spice Islands Distilling Co. are made using a 550-liter copper still called ‘Gede’. Behind the creative spirit blends is the Master Distiller, Mitch Hayhow, who uses various techniques to carefully make the smoothest gin possible. 

If you’re looking for premium archipelago-inspired spirits with a timeless taste to satisfy your palate, it’s about time you try The East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin!

To find out more about The East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin, visit Spice Islands Distilling Co.’s official website and social media page.

Spice Islands Distilling Co.

Website: Spice Islands Distilling Co.
Facebook:  East Indies Gin
Instagram: @eastindiesgin

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