DJAMUJAMU, An Invite to Love the Skin while Appreciating Nature and Culture

The pandemic has left us with the increased consciousness on health and well-being. We are starting to re-think and re-prioritize our health including seeking different ways to boost our well-being. DJAMUJAMU, a botanical skincare product is one of the ‘alternative options’ that provides herbal, traditional yet modern made essential.

DjamuDjamu Product Series

DJAMUJAMU—which is derived from Indonesian language jamu—is a traditional medicine made of natural materials such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits, which all are also originated from Indonesia. 

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Inspired by the authentic jamu prescriptions, which have been kept for hundreds of years in the Yogyakarta and Surakarta’s Royal Library, DJAMUJAMU creates premium beauty and wellness products.

The Jamu herbal culture was prevalent in the royal courts of Central Java where the ancient books on herbal medicine were kept in the Royal Library.

Jamu, during the ancient era was prescribed to royalties and nobles and according to tradition, the famed beauty of Putri Keraton– princess and ladies who lives in the palace–owed to Jamu.

DjamuDjamu Complete Product Series

Blending in the old and the new, appreciating the history behind the natural treasure, the brand also strives to be conscious of the environment and communities. The product are ranging from Anti-aging Serum Concentrate, Advanced Repair Night Cream and Nourishing Hair Serum. 

Check out for more about their products on the website or visit their Instagram.

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