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Designer Vagina!

Designer Vagina!


Our friends at Cocoon Medical Spa have an amazing deal for the ladies who want to tighten up “down there”…

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) can help improve:

Sexual satisfaction and sensation

Dryness and itchiness (which can occur with aging and menopause)

Incontinence/bladder leakage

LVR is a quick 30 minute procedure that will improve the quality, strength and health of the vaginal wall. It gently stimulates the production of collagen of the vaginal wall tissue to improve functionality and restore proper blood flow without producing any harmful side effects.

Using the advanced Femilift technology from the USA

Normal price – 7m (approx $700)

For a limited time only you can access this treatment wiht a 30% discount – 4.9m (approx $490)
+ promo Brazilian or Bikini laser hair removal @ 50% discount
(discount only valid when you purchase a LVR treatment)

Read more and book here…