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People call Bali paradise for a reason. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, this island has natural and cultural wonders that can make even the most well-traveled soul stand in awe. These complexities continue into central Bali, where caves, waterfalls and more make for a holiday well-spent. By way of a full-day Central Bali Tour, you’ll be sure not to miss a thing.

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Enriching Nature and Culture

Bali’s central region is well-known for its array of natural splendors that combine seamlessly with cultural wonders. As a traveler, this is the perfect place to revel in real Bali, making your way through some of the island’s best spots along the way on this Central Bali Tour.

The tour begins at 8 am, when you’ll be escorted from your own hotel to Tegenungan Waterfall. Really, the guides don’t lag in getting you into the thick of things. If you wish to swim, surely no one will stop you, and this waterfall makes for the perfect way to wake yourself up for the rest of the day’s adventures!

In the middle of the morning, travelers are taken to the village of Kemenuh, the root of Bali’s woodcarving expertise. You’ll get to witness the artisanal process and even learn a bit about the craft yourself. This eclectic journey is followed up with an excursion to the Elephant Cave, or Goa Gajah. It sits on a cliff and stands seven meters tall, all while surrounded by Hindu temples and plantations.

Spirituality Is Central

Central Bali is a great place to experience some of the island’s most prominent spirituality, and this tour seeks to honor that. After lunch, the english-speaking tour guide will lead you to Tirta Empul Temple at Tampaksiring. Really, it’s not just one temple, but rather a collection of temples that serve to represent unending credence. To the Balinese, this conglomerate of temples is one seriously holy scene, and the beautiful architecture surrounding it is evidence.

After absorbing this strong sense of spirituality, wandering around the fields of Ceking Rice Terrace in a small plantation village known as Tegalalang may just take on a whole new meaning for you. Coconut trees dapple the fields for a wonderfully tropical feel. By the time you return to your hotel in the evening, you’ll feel totally enriched with a day spent in Central Bali.

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Keep in Mind Before You Go

For a full-day tour, whatever the destination may be, it’s best to be prepared. You’ll be able to explore Central Bali even amidst the rain, so be sure to bring appropriate attire. Slip-resistant footwear is also recommended during the easy walking period. All entrance fees, parking fees and petrol surcharge are included in the cost of this Central Bali Tour. However, lunch and recommended gratuities are not included, so be sure to factor that in as you pack up for the exciting day of exploration ahead!

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