Businesses Getting Us Through Bali ISO

Surviving COVID Restrictions in Bali in 2021

There are big changes in Bali this week with the introduction of the new restrictions. Let us all hope this is the last time for such restrictions, and we can get Bali on track to reopen again soon!

It’s been a big change from the way we’ve been living in Bali for the past 12 months (and pre COVID). Normally we’d eat out 3 or 4 times a week and were constantly out and about enjoying Bali life. Now the attractions, beaches and restaurants are closed we’ve had to plan our time a differently.

We are all about making the most of any situationand this situation is no different. While being safe and following health protocols, there is still a lot to enjoy in Bali during this time.

Here is a list of our favourite businesses and services we are using the most during the restrictions….

Surviving Covid Restrictions in Bali - Blank in Bali - Blog by Bali Buddies

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Vivre Gourmet

Vivre Gourmet is a business we use every week anyway, but we certainly have increased our orders during these times. We are huge fans of their roast meals – they come with all the trimmings and even dessert, delivered hot to your door for just 350K for a meal for 4. Roasts are just the beginning though, there lots of different hot meals, delicious frozen meals, grazing platters, meats and cheeses all available to order also. Fancy a nice wine with dinner? They have that too! Their import wine is some of the best prices we’ve seen on the Island. 

Now is the perfect time to try out the professional services of Vivre Gourmet. It’s easy to navigate their website, you only need to select a one-hour time frame for delivery (no waiting around all day!), just place your order before 2pm the day before.

A great idea also if you want to invite friends over for a night but not have the hassle of cooking yourself!

*** Use Promo Code BALIBUDDIES to get 50K off your first order! ***

Checkout Vivre Gourmet here


Grab App

This app is basically running our lives right now…

What started as a ride-share app, has turned into the Executive Assistant of our life app! We use it for delivery of our food and shopping (think daily fresh bread, takeouts and any random bits & pieces we need).

The COVID-19 response was swift from GRAB, they have implemented contactless delivery and their drivers and riders all wear masks and the majority are fully vaccinated.  When ordering on the app, it charges our bank card (although cash is an option too) and the driver leaves the delivery as per our instructions. We also use the app to pay our bills, top up the data on our phones and send things or get them delivered (last week we even used them to deliver our home gym equipment!).

Safe to say we use this app several times a day and Bali life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Learn more about Using GRAB in Bali here.


Blank in Bali

Blank in Bali Cards
Set of blank in Bali card game on a wooden table

Just because we are in restrictions doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun and a laugh. Blank in Bali is a new Bali game – born during the first lockdown in Bali in 2020. If you are a lover of Cards Against Humanity AND you live in Bali…. this game will get you laughing out loud.

This one is not for the kids, it’s an adults-only game to be played with 3 or more people. There is the OG pack and a heap of extension packs you can add on, so that you never get bored.

Some of the extension packs will give you the idea of the fun in store during the game – Canggu, Dirty Old Expat, Yogi, Influencer… us, it’s hilarious.

Order in and invite your friends over for a fun Bali night with Blank in Bali!

***Use code BALIBUDDIES for 10% discount on direct orders via DM of the game ***

Buy Blank in Bali here


Express VPN

Watching Netflix by the Pool

We use a VPN in Bali for a lot of reasons – banking, security, getting cheaper flights etc, but during restrictions, it’s fun to catch up on some of our favourite shows that are restricted here.

Simply buy a VPN and set it to the country where what you want to watch is playing and enjoy. We use express VPN as it’s always reliable and you can just pay for a monthly subscription.

Learn more about using a VPN in Bali here.

Or click here to get your free Express VPN trial. 



We love this app in everyday Bali life, but during restrictions, it’s even more important when there are things you want/need but stores have limited access or are closed.

You can get everything on this app from your coffee and chocolate supplies to ink cartridges, computers, books…. literally anything and everything. We’ve already used it during restrictions to order craft activities for the kids, a non-stick frypan, and new socks.

If you’re not familiar, it works a little like eBay with individual sellers marketing all types of items. You can access it both via the app and their website, all your purchases are tracked and delivered directly to your door!

Checkout Shopee here.

Final Words

We are thankful that although life is not quite completely normal in Bali right now, these businesses and services are helping us to make the most of the situations. What things are getting you through this time in Bali?

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Businesses getting us through Bali ISO in 2021 - Grab App - Blog by Bali Buddies

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