The Best Of Bali

We love nothing more than to share the best of Bali with you. From our favorite places to eat, drink, shop or relax to unique day excursions and even trips beyond Bali. We blog about it only when we experienced it ourselves. So, go on and enjoy reading all the “bests” Bali has to offer.

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Teacher with Kids at Bali Island School

Cost of Living in Bali

How much does it cost to live in Bali? This article will give you an idea of the things you need to take into consideration ...
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A plate of food on a table, showcasing fine dining elegance.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bali

Step aside Paris, London, Tokyo and New York - Bali is taking the spotlight to redefine the global culinary scene, as a premier fine dining ...
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Stomach ache

Bali Belly: How to Avoid It and What to Do When You Get It

Illnesses could come in the most unexpected ways, however, we have to be prepared, and not taking it easily. Bali Belly is the most known ...
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A person holding a bowl of broccoli and potatoes.

Where to Get The Best Vegan Food in Bali

There are many reasons to go vegan… And our list of Bali’s best vegan food venues is one of them!
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Celebrating Christmas in Bali

Hold onto your Santa hats because we’re gearing-up for a holly, jolly Christmas in Bali. With its unique blend of tropical vibes and festive cheer, ...
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Our 11 Favourite Markets in Bali

Ready to get shopping? We're guiding you to 11 of Bali's most exciting island markets, because what's a holiday without a little souvenir searching?
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The Best Venues to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali

Get ready to turn the volume up on your New Year’s Eve countdown, because Bali is preparing itself for a party of epic proportions! Hold ...
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Mount Bromo with a landscape of Mount Semeru in the backgroud, a mountains in the Tengger Caldera.

An unforgettable 3-Day 2-Night Tour to Explore Mount Bromo & the Ijen Crater – Read our first-hand experience and why you will love it!

Recently, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a once in a lifetime trip to experience first-hand the mighty Mount Ijen and ...
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24 Bali’s Best Hidden, Speakeasy & Cocktails Bars

Bali isn’t all beach bars and beach clubs, in recent years the island has leveled up its speakeasy game and we want to help you ...
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Best Gyms in Bali

Keep reading if you are into being healthy and love to exercise! These places are ready to get you rejuvenated. We are presenting you a ...
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Aerial shot of Sundays Beach Club in Bali

Our Favorite Bali Beach Clubs in 2024

What’s better than an ocean view restaurant? One that also has a sun beds, a swimming pool and entertainment! Explore our favourite Beach Clubs in ...
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Sundara Beach Club

Best Afternoon Tea Experiences in Bali

Our round-up of the 10 best afternoon tea experiences in Bali: enjoy your tea facing the ocean, in the quiet of the jungle or in ...
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