The Best Of Bali

We love nothing more than to share the best of Bali with you. From our favorite places to eat, drink, shop or relax to unique day excursions and even trips beyond Bali. We blog about it only when we experienced it ourselves. So, go on and enjoy reading all the “bests” Bali has to offer.

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Bali Jungle Camping

Where to Camp in Bali – Bali Camping & Bali Glamping

Our round-up of the best Bali camping and Bali glamping destinations. Unwind with your friends & family and discover the best options to connect with nature.

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One of the many things to do with kids in Bali: Fairy Village in Ubud

Our Favorite Activities for Kids in Bali

Bali may have the reputation of being a party island with sizzling nightclubs and bars teaming with party people, but it also is a mecca for kids.

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Noir Cafe

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Denpasar

Our round-up of the 10 best places to eat and drink in Denpasar is where you savour a variety of culinary treats and discover hidden local gems.

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Bali's Best Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Bali’s Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

Our round-up of Bali’s best pet-friendly accommodations for a memorable stay with your furry friends. Book your pet-friendly holiday now!

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Afternoon Tea at Mulia

Best Afternoon Tea Experiences in Bali

Our round-up of the 10 best afternoon tea experiences in Bali: enjoy your tea facing the ocean, in the quiet of the jungle or in the trendiest clubs on the island!

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Bali Shopping Tours

Your Balinese shopping experience is yours and yours alone. These are our favorite Bali Shopping Tours.

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Aperitif Restaurant & Bar Bali

Apéritif Restaurant & Bar Bali

There is no shortage of amazing dining experiences in Bali, but some venues always stand out more than others. That is certainly the case for Apéritif Restaurant & Bar Bali.

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Set of blank in Bali card game on a wooden table

Businesses Getting Us Through Bali ISO

We have been making the most of Bali ISO life and we are lucky to have many amazing businesses that are making it easy for us. Here are our favourites.

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11 Best Cinemas in Bali by Bali Buddies

Our Take on the Best Cinemas in Bali

From the top local chain picture houses to independent cinemas, we cover them all. Read our blog for more inspiration about cinemas in Bali.

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Sundays Beach Club

Our Favorite Beach Clubs in Bali in 2021

What’s better than an ocean view restaurant? One that also has a sun beds, a swimming pool and entertainment! Explore our favourite Beach Clubs in Bali.

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cuddly toys for babies from go gift bali

Go Gift Bali

Local business GoGift is a new Bali-based business making gifting your friends and family in Bali easy, all while supporting local artisans and suppliers.

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Tukad Cepung Waterfall

25 of Bali’s Most Stunning Waterfalls

Are you in for an adventure and to discover Bali’s incredible nature? Then a day of exploring the island’s most (or least) popular waterfalls is an activity to add to your list.

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Bali Instagram Tour

If you’re a traveler who’s keen on sharing photos, this tour through Bali will get you to all the picturesque places you need to be.

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ATM Scams in Bali | Bali Buddies

Be Aware of ATM Scams in Bali

If there’s one thing that can turn a sweet vacation sour, it’s getting your money stolen. Unfortunately, in many places across Bali and Southeast Asia, this crime is not unheard of. Here are our tips for a safe vacation.

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Bali Wake Park | Bali Buddies

Bali Wake Park

Experience a new adventure at Bali Wake Park. This premier watersport experience boasts a cable park and an aqua park for a fun day out.

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Family Fun at Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo

The Bali Zoo is a fully functioning habitat for a number of the world’s most exotic species. Bali Zoo offers fun activities for the whole family.

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Things to do in Bali - Village Experience | Bali Buddies

Balinese Village Experience

Embark on an immersive experience into the daily lives of the Balinese; meet the locals, make your own offerings and receive a blessing at the Holy Water; one of Bali’s best kept secrets.

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Central Bali Tour

Central Bali is chock full of amazing sites, and this full-day Central Bali tour lets you see them all. Click through to read more.

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Travel Insurance

If you can afford to travel, you can afford travel insurance. Get protected on your travels by buying a travel insurance in advance. Read more tips in our blog.

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