Best Cafes and Restaurants in the Canggu Area

A lot has changed in Bali over the last few years. One of the most noticeable changes being the displacement of the population, in terms of nightlife and vibrancy, from the area of Kuta/Legian to the Canggu area.

This former surf village is located on the southwest coast of Bali and is surrounded by terraced rice paddies. Canggu has always been known for its beaches such as Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, which are very popular among surfers and can become quite crowded at times. More recently, Canggu has undergone a real renaissance, with a major influx of restaurants, appealing cafes and upscale lodgings.

Our Pick of Bali’s Best Cafes and Restaurants in Canggu Area

So we’ve decided to write a food guide on some of the most delicious cafes and restaurants in the Canggu area, particularly in Pererenan (a relaxed neighbourhood with plenty of Balinese houses, Hindu temples and private villas), Batu Bolong (an eclectic neighbourhood like no other in Bali, that has developed around the beach that shares its name), and Berawa (the most fashionable part of Canggu with its restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and beach clubs that draw people from all over the world).

So, let’s look at the fine print!

Best Cafes and Restaurant in Canggu Area

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Classic egg benedict served at Rize Cafe

RiZe Café is one of the best cafes in the new style and is definitely worth a visit if only for its coffee. And that’s not an exaggeration! RiZe Café is a traditionally decorated Indian restaurant which carefully selects rich spices that offer an authentic taste of the region while creating an atmosphere of Indian culture. The Indian eggs and dosa (a thin pancake made from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice) are really great! You can also get 3 chutneys (spicy or savory condiments made from fruits, vegetables or herbs with vinegar, sugar, and spices) as a side dish. RiZe Café is certainly a favorite around Canggu!

Food at The Hula

The Hula is doing everything with the goal of creating a space for enjoying a good coffee or beer, as well as a tasty snack at any time of the day. The coffee is perfect, selected and roasted in house, as well as many delicious pastries or cakes and classic dessert drinks. A perfect place to stop by at any time of the day!

Recently renovated, The Hula offers a chic and stylish place to have a drink and some tasty food in the heart of Pererenan.

Dish at Wasabi
Japanese dishes at Wasabi

You will be definitely surprised to find this Japanese gem is inside the modern hotel after which it is named.

Rainbow Rolls (type of uramaki sushi roll filled with cucumber, avocado, and crab stick), Prawn Tempura Rolls (filled with tempura prawn, avocado and cucumber), and the Crunchy Chicken Katsu (also known as panko chicken, is a Japanese dish of fried chicken made with bread crumbs), will definitely be the most famous dishes here.

Wasabi serves a wide range of dishes and Asian cuisine from many places, this means you can still order a Nasi Goreng or an amazing Korean Barbeque.

Wasabi is a Japanese restaurant that has enchanted the Canggu coastline thanks to its great oriental specialties and cool ambiance.

Food is served at Honey
Food at Honey

Honey is sweet, natural, tasty, and unique! Here you will find dishes that will amaze any palate. Every now and again, it feels great to allow yourself a few moments of sweetness, whether you’re having lunch or evening meal with your family or friends.

The Banana Bread Sandwich is simply to die for, as well as a delicious toast with peach, ricotta cheese and honey. The beauty of this place is that while it offers a selection of creative dishes, you will also find great classic Mediterranean cuisine such as toasts with hummus, feta, shallots, fresh herbs, olive oil and lime… simply delicious!

Batu Bolong

Santorini Greek Restaurant is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area
Coffee Time at Santorini

A piece of the unique and beautiful island of Santorini in the heart of Canggu! The ubiquitous blue and white décor of Greece is eye-catching and will make you feel as though you have stepped right into Santorini. Also, the fact that it is run by a Greek family guarantees authentic products of outstanding quality.

Take your seat and imagine you’re in Greece… the murals help with the ambiance even more because they depict the iconic white houses with blue doors and windows. Not to mention the menu! Every day the chef creates a degustation with selected Greek dishes, rich in wonderful Greek tastes, based exclusively on traditional recipes that will impress anyone.

One favourite here are the mixed grill plates at an affordable price served in generous portions to share with all your wonderful companions because Mediterranean cuisine is meant to be a social experience. Some other dishes here are the Souvlaki (a popular Greek food consisting of small pieces of meat or vegetables grilled on a skewer), the Moussaka (eggplant or potato-based dish made of milk-based sauce thickened with béchamel sauce), and the Pita-bread (a wrap for souvlaki or gyros usually filled with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions, and French Fries).

And don’t forget that after the banquet, a dip in the sea is a must!

Dessert at Mason

At Mason, refinement and elegance are of top importance! In a vintage, intimate, and cosy setting, the menu reveals a refined cuisine that will make gourmet food lovers fall head over heels!

This restaurant is well-renowned for its fine cuisine and makes for the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion in the heart of Batu Bolong.

The wood oven and the grill allow you to get a taste of a delicious Barramundi Fillet enriched with smoked tomato and a hint of cardamom, Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder marinated with yoghurt sauce, and Hand Made Filo Pastry filled with spinach and ricotta cheese that melts in the mouth.

The rich choice of appetizers and cold cuts is another great reason to eat at this restaurant. Chorizo (Spanish salami), Burrata with a velvety heart of Stracciatella, Pastrami, Italian Mortadella… Mason has the best cold cuts available!

Besides, if you don’t have enough time to stay for a bite to eat, Mason At Home delivers and can come right to your home!

MONSIEUR SPOON is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area

Here you will really feel as though you are in Paris… in Bali!

This charming bistro serves tasty French dishes and it’s well-known for having the best croissant on the island. Let’s see in more detail what these two Parisian cousins, the owners of Monsieur Spoon, have invented for our palate.

When it comes to breakfast, the French Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, and French Toast paired with a cup of coffee are famous throughout the world. For a brunch or a quick lunch, you can find the delicious Quiche Lorraine (French tart consisting of pastry crust filled with savoury custard, pieces of cheese, and bacon) and the crispy Cordon Bleu (dish of meat wrapped with cheese, then breaded and pan-fried).

Monsieur Spoon is the perfect place for a snack thanks to the wide selection of pastries like the Mini Salt Caramel Choco, the fresh Strawberry Tart, the crunchy Vanilla Millefeuille, the Chocolate Éclair and… we better stop now because probably you’re drooling just thinking about it!

Food at Moana

It takes a tropical island to know another one, we suppose. And so that is what happens here, at Moana, welcome to Polynesia, guys!

This small colourful restaurant is warm and welcoming (though reservations are essential). Here you can enjoy the real taste of Polynesian and Melanesian cuisine, exquisitely prepared by talented chefs.

The Fish Tacos are delicious and the Tuna Sashimi is pretty much the same as you can get in Bora-Bora. In this fish-eatery you’ll find a wide variety of delicious raw seafood, and usually at much better prices than those of luxury eateries. But the choice dish are of course the poke bowls: the Maui Poke Bowl is the most popular version of the dish made of large cubes of tuna and the standard accompaniments… simply perfection!

Are you ready to book your one-way ticket to Bora-Bora or Tahiti?


Milano is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area
The Legend of Negroni at Milano

Known among locals as more authentic than Bali’s Little Italy, Milano offers guests a taste of the finest Italian food using famous traditional recipes.

Located in the centre of Berawa, just steps from the beach, this restaurant offers an experience of Milanese ambiance without having to book a flight. The furnishings radiate elegance and lend a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere throughout the entire restaurant.

The most popular dish on the menu is the traditional “Cotoletta alla Milanese”, veal breaded and sautéed in butter, accompanied by the creamy polenta, something Milano is famous for.

A stop at Milano’s cocktail bar is a must: mouth-watering cocktails and fine wines are waiting to be savoured on their own in all their delightfulness.

Having a Spritz in the centre of Padua or a Bellini on the Grand Canal, a Negroni in Florence or an Americano drink in Milan? In this restaurant, you will never forget the magic of Italy!

The Brunch Club is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area
At the Brunch Club

This paradise of gluttons will make you taste flavours and sensations in a whole new way!

The Brunch Club started with the simple intention of uniting everyone in a fun and friendly atmosphere for an enjoyable event meant for everyone.

A rich brunch with more than 20 sweet and savoury specialties is served each morning. Fresh pastries and croissants, paired with a cappuccino or juice, will make you feel like a real Parisian. And the chia pudding, delicious frozen bowls enriched with granola, bagels, and eggs served in an array of  styles will get your day started off right]!

But the signature dish of Brunch Club, that completely reinterprets rules, giving life to an unconventional breakfast, is the Porncake! Two or three stacks of pleasure enclosed in a soft and fluffy batter that has the ability to win over any palate thanks to its exquisite mouth-watering flavour. These exceptional pancakes can be served with sweet toppings like crumbled biscuit, ice cream, brownie chunks, honey, and dark chocolate or can be served with savoury toppings like crispy bacon and whipped butter and cream cheese!

Falafel Temple is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area
House Drinks at Falafel Temple

Who would like a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine in the heart of Canggu?

Flavours direct from Egypt, the sunny streets of Marrakesh, and Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar are here in this restaurant for you to experience the authentic oriental cuisine of the Middle East.

As the name of this restaurant suggests, the main menu item is the “falafel”, a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas, fava beans (or both) typically served in pita bread with salad, hummus and tahini sauce. These delicious vegan fritters can be eaten in many different ways: in salads (the “Falafel Salad” is served with fresh vegetables and herbs accompanied by tahini sauce), wrapped in pita bread, or in “mezze” (great main course usually accompanied by hummus, salads, or tabbouleh).

In short, a real pearl you should not to miss if you want to try the exquisite flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine!

Via Emilia is one of the best cafes and restaurant in Canggu area
Strawberry Daiquiri by Via Emilia

You know what Italian mummies always ask their children (even if they are 40 years old)? “Hai mangiato?”, which means “Have you eaten?”.

This question is the motto of Via Emilia Bali and that only underlines the inseparable attachment to tradition, the love for the land and its products, and the value of the family in Italian culture. 

This lovely restaurant serves 100% local organic produce but above all, everything is homemade. In addition you will find a wide range of cheeses (fresh mozzarella, grana padano which is a type of hard cheese similar to parmesan, the stretched-curd cheese called scamorza and many others), sourdough bread,  and plates of cold cuts.

The main course is, obviously, pasta with various condiments and sauces (which are all strictly homemade): pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese (knows as “ravioli”), potato pasta (also called “gnocchi”), pasta rolls filled with spinach and ricotta cheese (the famous melting “cannelloni”), layers of fresh pasta accompanied by béchamel and Bolognese sauce (the timeless “lasagna”).

A meal is never complete without the dessert, therefore hold up your spoon and have a taste of heaven: profiteroles dipped in dark chocolate sauce, and if you prefer more delicate flavours, don’t miss the “panna cotta” topped with chocolate and red fruit coulis!

Food at Cinta

“Cinta”, pronounced as “chinta”, means love in Indonesian. And it is love that is the inspiration of the menu. Here you will be offered a symphony of tastes from across the world.

The use of fresh ingredients from the island merges with the search for authenticity and the love of wholesome flavours.

Stop by for some fresh coffee as well as a delicious breakfast with an array of options for any taste: the delicate savoury breakfast of salmon and the scrambled eggs, the crunchy homemade granola, the mouth-watering apple crepes, and the healthy smoothie bowls.

For lunch or dinner, you will find pizzas (like the “pumpkin and feta” pizza with a Greek influence), the tuna taco (a Mexican dish reinterpreted by the chef), the delicious chinese ravioli (“shrimp dumplings” served with a chilli soy dressing) and much more.

Ready for this culinary voyage in the heart of Canggu?

Final Words

We hope you get to try some of these amazing Canggu restaurants and that this guide has been helpful!

You know, everyone has their own preferences, and it is for this very reason that we have made a list of places as broad and varied as possible. We cannot wait to hear your perspective and… bon appetit!

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Best Cafes and Restaurant in Canggu Area

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