Best Places to Eat at Bali International Airport

Discover the top culinary delights at Bali International Airport with our list of the best restaurants. Indulge your taste buds with a diverse range of dining options. Enjoy a memorable dining experience before or after your flight at these exceptional airport restaurants.

The days when airports provided fast food outlets to rushing passengers are in the past. With all the excitement of international travel on your mind, we know that the holiday starts as soon as your bags are checked in and you finally hold your boarding pass in your hot little hands.

With travel finally picking up, it’s great to see airport lounges coming back to life, particularly at our favourite destination, Bali. You will now find a number of food and beverage outlets serving high-quality, healthy, fresh, nutritious and hearty meals which might help take the edge off any end-of-holiday blues you might be experiencing.

We have put together a list of our go-to’s and none of them scream ‘departure lounge’. 

Here are some options to get you to the best places to eat at Bali International Airport.


Sometimes it’s hard to get food that is healthy yet delicious at the airport but FRESH has helped to fill that gap. They are located before the check-in gate at International Departure and accessible for public customers along with travelling guests. The perfect place to grab a farewell bite with friends dropping you to the airport, or to hang out when waiting for your check-in gate to open. 

As the name suggests, everything FRESH serves is natural and nutritious. There’s something healthy, hearty, and tasty for everyone from fresh juices, smoothies, or crisp & refreshing salad bowls and Create Your Own Protein Bowls to fuel you for your day of travel. Vegetarians and vegans take note – FRESH has many options for you including plant-based milks. We love the Immunity cold-pressed juice, Mango Lemonade, Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl and Create Your Own Sandwiches with more than 25 choices of fillings.

FRESH is also our one-stop shop for snacks to take on the plane. They have many ready-to-go snacks and beverages like cold-pressed juices and infused water.

Location: International Departure Landside (before check-in) – In front of Departure Gate A & B

2. High Tide Bar

If you’re a super organised or super anxious traveller that arrives at the airport way too early, it’s worth noting that High Tide Bar landside of the departure terminal serves amazing cocktails and cold beers on tap. There are also plenty of hearty food options on their bar menu too. 

High Tide Bar has beachy vibes and relaxed seating arrangements in an open-air setting. You will be able to enjoy a few restful moments after the manic packing and rush of the last day of the holidays. 

A wide selection of wines, beers and liquors are available. You can start your journey in style with a classic Mojito or maybe an Espresso Martini. The bar menu is versatile with a large Mezze Platter perfect for groups, Ground Wagyu Pizza, and Bangers & Mash. This place also makes a mean burger. High Tide Bar is fully equipped with charging stations and unlimited WiFi, so you’ll stay connected all through your transit. Customers always leave satisfied and there are great reviews to show.

Location: International Departure Landside (before check-in) – In front of Departure Gate C & D

3. Two Dragons

From dim sum to bao buns to Vietnamese Pho, Korean Bibimbap, Japanese Sushi, Ramen, and aromatic Indian Butter Chicken – at Two Dragons you can take your pick of the finest Asian dishes. Located in front of International Departure Gate A&B, Two Dragons is a vibrant restaurant decorated with deep red interiors, the lucky colour in many Asian cultures, and is inspired by the lively Asian street-food scene. There are plenty of vegetarian options and we love the make-your-own noodle dish option!

If you’re into bubble tea you will be spoiled for choice with custom bubble tea available as well as drinks like the Lychee Breeze, Green Tea Blast and Vietnamese Coffee or Iced Teh Tarik. 

Location: International Departure Landside (before check-in) – In front of Departure Gate A & B

4. The Coffee Club

Australia’s home-grown café, The Coffee Club is now available at Bali International Airport. Located just right in front of International Departure Gate C&D, this is a great meeting point so you might as well sit down and enjoy a coffee. The Coffee Club is popular for all-day breakfasts like Smashed Avo on Sourdough, Camembert Chicken Bacon Flat Grill and Buttermilk Pancake Stack to name a few. And let’s face it, when travelling across time zones it’s good to know you can get breakfast any time of day. Aside from the specialty coffee, you can also find refreshing drinks like their Yuzu Citrus handcrafted soda or Mixed Berry Chia Seeds smoothies and a specially curated selection of wines.

Location: International Departure Landside (before check-in) – In front of Departure Gate C & D

5. Wolfgang Puck Kitchen + Bar

World-famous culinary legend Wolfgang Puck has opened Wolfgang Puck Kitchen + Bar at Bali’s International Departure Lounge. You should be high tailing to the airport and checking in early so you can experience the first Wolfgang Puck outlet in Indonesia.

The spacious and well-designed restaurant immediately draws you in, but the menu will make you want to stay. You’ll find tasty breakfast options such as WP’s signature Big Breakfast, Cast Iron Baked Eggs and Ancient Grain Bowl. For afternoon or evening travellers, you can grab lunch or dinner and feast on decadent Wolfgang Puck favourites such as Chinois Chicken Salad, Shrimp Linguini, Wolfgang Puck Burger or hand-stretched freshly made Pizza. It’s good to note that Wolfgang Puck has plenty of dietary options including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

There is also a well-stocked bar so you can pair your meals with Wolfgang Puck’s creations like the Pearfact Martini, Moscow Mule or WP Aged Barrel Negroni. You can find Wolfgang Puck after immigration check-in, near Gate 3.

Location: International Departure Airside (after check-in) – In front of Boarding Gate 2 & 3

6. Little Eats

Little Eats Bali

If you haven’t left yourself time to sit back and relax, don’t worry, you need not starve. Little Eats is a reliable grab & go spot at the International Departure lounge near Gate 4. This small hole-in-the-wall cafeteria comes with a mighty selection of snacks and meals. It’s a quick-service counter with dishes inspired by Asian street food. You’ll find 2pcs or 6pcs Sushi packs, Bulgogi Beef rice bowls and more.

Location: International Departure Airside (after check-in) – In front of Boarding Gate 2 & 3

Final Words

What a relief to know that you can enjoy one last hurrah at the airport after your Bali trip comes to an end. This list of eateries is sure to help keep the post-Bali blues away (or postpone them at least)!

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