Our 11 Favourite Markets in Bali

Best Markets in Bali

What’s a holiday without a little souvenir searching? If you’ve done everything on your Bali Holiday itinerary, we have a plethora of authentic markets you’ll definitely want to visit. These markets are full of anything but knockoffs. Instead, handicrafts and handmade goods fill the aisles, giving you a genuine expression of Bali around every turn. Let’s get into the good stuff.

Bali's Best Local Markets

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Ubud Art Market

Ubud is one of the island’s most bustling regions, so it only makes sense there’d be a high-quality market amidst its confines. It’s just around the bend from the Campuhan Ridge Walk. Coconut bowls, silk scarves and banneton bags are all on offer at the Ubud Art Market for the shopping enthusiast in you.

So, if you happen to have the Campuhan Ridge Walk on your to-do list, this nearby Ubud market is the perfect cap to the activity. Every day from 8 am to 5 pm, the Ubud Art Market opens up for tourists to come and snag some serious threads and souvenirs.

We love the on-trend offerings like straw bags and silk sarongs. Utensils crafted from coconuts and drop-down decor you can hang from the ceiling serve to bring life to your home.

Visit the Ubud Art Market in the morning and you’ll avoid most of the tourist rush. This market is also a mere kilometer from the infamous Monkey Forest, so you may want to double up on the fun. Take it from us, though…don’t put your newfound purchases where the monkeys can steal them!


Tegellalang Handicraft Center

At this market, it really is all in the name. Teeming with handmade crafts and wearable products, this is the place to go if you want to find something no one else has. Head north from Ubud into the Bali heartland and you’ll encounter a quieter, more authentic part of the island. It’s here that locals sell handmade furniture and hand-carved sculptures, among other notable treats. Spanning for more than 10 kilometres, the Tegellalang Handicraft Center is also one of the longest markets the world across.

And while you’re driving along the main road of Jalan Raya Tegellalang, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Nearby rice terraces offer an unspoiled view of the Balinese countryside. Take the chance to stop at the viewpoint, where you can catch a glimpse of the vast and textured rice paddies as well as the beautiful valley across the way.


Sukawati Art Market

This traditional-style market houses plenty of authentic goods that your family at home is sure to appreciate (but don’t forget to buy some goods for yourself, too). Shops and peddlers along the lanes have plenty to offer, and it’s up to you to decide which goods are coming home. Of course, there’s the occasional fridge magnet, but that’s not what makes this place so special. It’s the beaded bracelets, beautiful wall art and real leather bags that caught our attention. Oh my! Kites, sarongs and paintings with a novel twist are all worth admiring.

Head to the back of the Sukawati Art Market for things like sandalwood oil, incense and other aromatic treats. Don’t be surprised to find unique bedding with abstract patterns and pictures on it (like wild birds or the face of John Lennon).

Thanks to the market being in the less-touristy region of Sukawati, you can expect honest and affordable prices, but we still recommend negotiating for the best deal. Don’t be afraid to chat with the locals at this market in Bali as you make your way through the stalls.


Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art Market

Bold beaded necklaces, waste-free totes, and wooden instruments are just some of the staples you’ll find at this Kuta landmark. Of course, Bali keychains and tees abound here. But these souvenirs are not the only goods you’ll find. Whatever the handicraft or souvenir, you’ll definitely have a blast browsing through the stalls in the Bali sun. Just steps from the beach, it’s laid out like a bazaar. Brand-name surfing apparel joins kitschy kids clothing for an eclectic array of buying opportunities. 

There are plenty of items to choose from, making it easy to get sucked into all seven shophouses. Cottage industries and local craftspeople sell their creations at this Bali Market, so it’s worth a good browse. Have fun trying on sun hats, sarongs and more. 

Feel free to negotiate a price with the friendly shopkeepers. When you get hungry (which you inevitably will), simply head to one of the many beachside food stalls at the Kuta Art Market, selling yummy smoothies and warm Bali eats.


Kumbasari Art Market

Kumbasari Art Markets

This is a place that allows you to search for the magic. A Denpasar staple, the Kumbasari Art Market is teeming with colorful, affordable goods. Finding the perfect gift is easy here, which you can probably attribute to the fact that there’s more than a thousand stalls across the market (all of which open at varied times, by the way). 

Kumbasari Art Market is so big that it actually houses two floors. It’s right in the heart of Denpasar, so you can easily pair this with a visit to the island’s capital city.

Hundreds of kiosks and more than a thousand stalls comprise the market, where people have been slinging colorful offerings since 1977. Unfortunately, a fire burned it down in 2000, but it reopened a year later and still thrives today as a popular market in Bali. It’s perfect for anyone hoping to buy in bulk, or individuals after a good deal while on holiday.

We recommend sifting through the Balinese fabrics, sarongs, sculptures and ornaments if you know what’s good for ya’. If you want a good Bali t-shirt or a pair of sandals for the warm weather, the Kumbasari Art Market has got it. One more thing: with all the prices so reasonable, you’ll easily be tempted to buy a lot. Don’t forget to negotiate the best deal and bring a bag to tote all those gifts and souvenirs!


The Flea Market

The Flea Market

Talk about a high-quality array of eye-catching products! You can find The Flea Market in Seminyak, right by the beach in Jalan Oberoi. The whole thing is covered, which makes it perfect for a rainy-day outing. As for what you’ll find here, think handmade leather products and unique articles of clothing. Nothing is made for the masses, but everything is made with love and care of the island kind.

Take note though that this is not the place to come if you are looking to buy bulk Bali bargains. If you are however looking for some quality products from the island, you will understand why we think this is one of the best markets in Bali!

Open until late in the evening we find it best to shop here after sunset when it is much cooler under cover. Bartering is expected here but the prices will reflect the quality of the goods.


Sindhu Beach Market

Sindhu Beach Market in Bali

Next time you’re in Sanur, take a walk toward Sindhu Beach. Here, you’ll find a place called Benno’s Restaurant. Behind it lies a long alleyway of market stalls selling everything from wood carvings and Christmas decorations to clothing and accessories.

The shopkeepers have a habit of striking up conversation with every passerby. Sanur is not as busy at Kuta and Legian so these stalls have to work extra hard to get business. It’s not uncommon for shopkeepers to wait on the beach path and follow you along asking if you will look in their shop. If you have no interest in shopping it is best to say “no thank you” right from the start. If you tell them something like “maybe later” they will tend to follow and wait for you until you until you come to their shop.

You can expect quite cheap prices here if you are prepared to barter. It’s best to keep this all in good nature, remember they are only doing their job by bartering with you for goods and calling you into their shops. If you have no idea where to start with bartering prices you can head to “No Bullshit Jenny Shop”. This is just down from Benno’s restaurant (into the alley way of markets) and has a large sign out the front. Jenny was one of the first market owners to start a “fixed price shop” in the market areas. Although it was not popular with her fellow market holders it is great for tourists. This shop will give you a guide on how much you should be paying for items in this area. Jenny has a large range of clothes, accessories, bags, sunglasses, cushions, bedspreads and more!


Seminyak Square Market

Shopping in Bali - Seminyak Square Markets | Bali Buddies

Jalan Oberoi’s Eat Street in Seminyak has a lot to offer, and the markets in Seminyak Square are just some of them. You will not find your Bintang singlets and board shorts here. Instead, you’ll find trendy clothing for women, not the least of which are gorgeous kaftans, stylish jumpsuits and unique accessories. There is also a range of kid’s wear, including some dress up costumes as well. There is a small range of sunglasses, accessories and homewares to choose from too.

You may find the prices to be higher than Kuta counterparts, but you pay for what you get (quality!). Keep in mind that this destination closes the curtains at 5:30 pm each night, so it’s not the place to go for nighttime shopping. You can also combine shopping here with a visit to Seminyak Village (a fancy shopping centre just nextdoor).


Poppies 1 & 2

Poppies 1 & 2

Kuta is one of the most affordable regions for shopping in Bali. Poppies 1 & 2 are the street names for a couple of killer markets in Bali. You can access them from Ground Zero or the Kuta beach front. Bintang shirts, board shorts, jumpsuits, dresses, bags, sunglasses, artwork, wood carvings, DVDs, wallets, shoes, these streets have it all. Browse first and haggle second, but you’re sure to find a brag-worthy bargain ’round these parts.

You need to barter hard here. It’s best to spend some time just browsing before you head into negotiations. Often when you are just browsing the shopkeepers will start to drop prices just to keep your interest. When you walk past the clothes markets they will often say something like “nothing in the shop over $5”, of course this means if you were to buy more than one item you can negotiate for less.

Be warned this can be an intense place to shop, once you are walking down the lane the only way in or out is to walk past more markets. For people who get irritated by being harassed to “come look in my shop” you may find this area a little overwhelming. For true Bali bargain hunters these markets are for you!


Garlic Lane Market

Garlic Lane Markets - Best Markets in Bali | Bali Buddies

It’s time to head to Legian, just between Jalan Padma and Melasti. The markets in Garlic Lane are known for their low prices, thanks in part to the number of fixed-price shops settling down here. Walk along the streets and take a peek into any market stall that strikes your fancy. Whether you’re after bags or trinkets, it’s a souvenir lover’s paradise!

You definitely need to explore this lane way on foot and pop in and out of the many market stalls on offer. If you are not into bartering find yourself on of the fixed price shops (you will see it say “fixed price” below the name of the shop on the sign out the front). If you like a good old barter you will have lots of fun here.

There is pretty much everything on offer – clothes, shoes, bags, DVDs, sunglasses, wallets, souvenirs and more! The markets stay open until late in the evening and open around 10am.


Double Six Markets

These markets nearby Double Six Luxury Hotel make for a seriously enjoyable outing. Soak up all the beauty in the form of jewellery, fashion and handbags. Expect to head beyond the knockoffs into truly unique territory. Amp up your island style with sandals crafted from quality leather. The double six market offers a relaxed environment with shop owners who are easy to talk to brings this spot to the forefront. Rest assured they know if they have something unique that can’t be purchased at other stalls and they will expect a price to match.

Most taxis and drivers will know this street as Double Six, however on Google maps it is actually Jalan Arjuna. Towards the end of Double Six there is a one way street that is called Jalan Werkudara – it is worth spending sometime walking down this strip also. There are a couple of really interesting clothing stores and a great fixed price home wares store that features the coloured Buddhas, wall hanging, and lots of other gorgeous bits and pieces.

Final Words

We did our best to share markets that best express Bali. With authentic accessories and traditional art filling the stalls, there’s no denying the complexity of these destinations. When you’re done with surfing, snorkeling and visiting some of the island’s best restaurants, a unique market will lend another round of excitement for the lot of you.

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Best Local Markets in Bali

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