Our 13 Favorite Beaches in Bali

Surf, Sun, and Sand - what More Could You Ask for From Bali's Best Beaches?

A trip to paradise is bound to be spectacular no matter the scene, but we know just how to take things up a notch. As Bali locals who are privy to the ins and outs of the island, we want to share the 13 best beaches in Bali (in random order). That way, instead of wasting your time seeking out the perfect spot, you can spend your precious moments living as an islander should.

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Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach

Tall cliffs, gnarly waves and ice-cold drinks—Uluwatu Beach has got it all. Best known for Sundays Beach Club and some seriously adventure-inducing caves, this place has something for every kind of traveler. Nearby Uluwatu Temple lets you make a day out of it. You can stay in the area or grab a driver and take the 45-minute scenic cruise from Kuta or Seminyak.


Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach Bali - Bali's Best Beaches | Bali Buddies
Head down the winding road that switchbacks across a magnificent cliff and you’ll find yourself at Melasti Beach. Located in Ungasan, swimmers and snorkelers love to take advantage of the calm waves and clear waters. The beach charges a small fee for adults, but you’re bound to find some affordable bites at local warungs while there. Hook up with a private driver to take you to Melasti Beach, less than an hour from Seminyak.


Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach Bali - Bali's Best Beached | Bali Buddies

We love a good secret, and Virgin Beach is one of them. Situated on the eastern side of the island, you can enjoy rocks, forest, sand and water in one vista. Rent some snorkeling equipment from beachfront stalls and get to swimming or hop on a fishing boat and go out a little further for some stellar marine life. You can find Virgin Beach in Karangasem.


Double Six Beach


At first glance, Double-Six Beach brings a rainbow of colorful beach umbrellas. Look a little closer and you’ll unearth bright sand, blue water and some surf-friendly breaks. It’s conveniently located in Seminyak, so you can easily get here by taxi, scooter, bicycle or your trusty two feet. You can always stay at the luxury hotel of the same name if it suits your fancy.


Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach
It seems like everywhere you turn in Bali lies a new discovery. Dreamland Beach is no different, and you can find it on the Bukit Peninsula in the south. Killer surfing, professional Bali massages on the sand (which just so happen to be a fair price), quaint local shops and street side stalls all make Dreamland what it is. Limestone cliffs make a panorama that’s to die for.


Padang Padang Beach

Surfers at Padang Padang Beach
Going down a steep staircase and venturing through a hollow rock may make you feel like you’re entering Narnia, but it’s actually the route to Padang Padang Beach. This place hosts Bali’s annual Rip Curl Cup, which just goes to show how awesome the waves are. If you’ve seen Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll recognize this 100-meter stretch of sand from a kilometre away.


Mertasari Beach

Mertasari Beach
Next time you’re in Sanur, take a walk toward Sindhu Beach. Here, you’ll find a place called Benno’s Restaurant. Behind it lies a long alleyway of market stalls selling everything from wood carvings and Christmas decorations to clothing and accessories. The shopkeepers have a habit of striking up conversation with every passerby. Start at the fixed-price destination that is the No Bullshit Jenny Shop, and you’ll see what you ought to be paying for most items. From there, you can confidently haggle with whomever you choose at this Balinese market.


Legian Beach

legian beach bali

Expect nothing less than to have a blast at Legian Beach. Surf lessons and board rentals fill the daytime with exuberance. You can fill your time with shopping at one of the many outlets along the coast. Come sunset, horizon watchers gather on the sand along with cold drinks, fresh fruit and plenty of smiles. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll want to be one of them.


Green Bowl Beach

green bowl beach bali

If you’re after some uninterrupted quiet and unprecedented exploration, Green Bowl Beach has got you covered. Romp on over to the Balinese village of Ungasan, where you’ll climb down hundreds of steps along a cliff that lead you to one seriously splendid hideaway. At low-tide, limestone caves protect you from any weather, but there’s definitely sun if you want it. Thanks to its unique locale, Green Bowl Beach is a surfer’s paradise.


Geger Beach

Don’t get us wrong—all of Nusa Dua is beautiful, but Geger Beach is our fave. From swimming and suntanning to massages and Bintang drinking, you can easily waste away a day here. With easy accessibility, families love it at Geger.


Echo Beach

Echo Beach
If Bali could have a different name, it’d be sunset island. Thanks to its western position, Echo Beach is one of the best places around to catch dusk each evening. Renowned dining surrounds the beach, so you’ll surely have some tasty bites and sip-worthy cocktails at your beck and call should you wish. Don’t forget to catch the surfers in action while you’re there—they’re truly a sight to see.


Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach
Rocky hills, gorgeous bungalows and crystal-hued water make Bingin Beach what it is, but that’s not all. Surfers, the waves here are epic no matter the tide. Sunbathers, low tide makes for a sandy respite that’s well worth the rocky commute. An hour’s drive from Kuta, you’ll easily find food and drinks to keep you happy while you explore this slice of heaven.


Balangan Beach

balangan beach bali
While it may be last on our list, Balangan Beach is definitely in the forefront of our hearts. You can find it along the Bukit Peninsula, which is also home to Dreamland and other stellar stretches. Affordable food and massage, cold beers and quite the view from the top of the rocks—Balangan has it all. Head down the stairs and become one with this coastline, if only for a time.

Final Words: Bali Beaches That Take Your Breath Away

If this blog full of the island’s best beaches did anything, we hope it got you even more excited for your Bali holiday to come. Still, we know that nothing is more invigorating than being on the precipice of paradise.

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