Best Australian Airports to Fly from to Bali

Discover the best airports in Australia to fly from to Bali. Find affordable flight rates and convenient routes from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Plan your ultimate Bali getaway and experience the beauty of the “Island of Gods.”

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Thinking about booking a trip to Bali? You are one of many! More than 1 million Australians travel to Indonesia every year, and over 260,000 to Bali. Known as the “Island of Gods,” Bali offers the perfect escape to surf, participate in spiritual rituals, indulge in divine Indonesian cuisine, visit the iconic rice terraces and explore the diverse marine life through scuba diving. 

Not convinced? Keep reading to find out more about travelling to Bali from Australia and find out the best Australian airports to fly from to experience the most affordable rates and convenient routes! To revel in optimal weather conditions and escape from Australian winter, travel to Bali from Australia in the months of July – September.

1. Sydney Airport

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As the busiest and largest airport in Australia, it is no surprise that it is one of the best airports to travel to Bali from Australia as prices are relatively low compared to other Australian airports you can fly from. With 3 direct flights from Sydney airport to Denpasar, Bali every day, you are bound to find an affordable flight price and convenient time to fly. To view flight prices from Sydney to Bali in July, August, and September, see the table below for a round trip of 2 weeks for 1 person.

Jetstar$ 629.38$ 669.21$ 1050.02
Qantas$ 1037.28$ 826.95$ 1416.50
Virgin Australia$ 772.78$ 721.79$ 1556.71
Malindo Air$ 681.96$ 696.30$ 1156.78
Flight costs from Sydney→ Denpasar

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2. Melbourne Airport

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Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, serves as the second busiest airport in Australia. With over 40 different airlines serving 74 destinations, it is a major international and domestic departures hub, making it a top airport to fly from. Melbourne Airport offers around 6 daily flights from Melbourne to Denpasar with the average flight time being 6 hours and 50 minutes, or 2736 miles.  To view flight prices from Melbourne to Bali in July, August, and September, see the table below for a round trip of 2 weeks for 1 person. Keep in mind, the best time to book your flight to Bali from Melbourne is 5 months before your trip.

Jetstar$ 967.17$ 680.36$ 1,040.46
Qantas$ 1,279.47$ 1,145.63$ 1,418.09
Virgin Australia$ 855.63$ 774.37$ 1,279.47
Malindo Air$ 740.91$ 732.95$ 1,078.70
Batik Air$ 737.73$ 672.40$ 1,309.74
Flight costs from Melbourne→ Denpasar

3. Perth Airport

Perth City Shot

Located in the suburbs of Perth, Perth Airport serves both domestic and international flights, with its primary international departures leaving for Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, and Johannesburg. It has gone through recent expansion as many Australians are using it for domestic travel more than ever. There are 8 daily flights from Perth Airport to Denpasar operated by Baltik Air, Jetstar, Indonesia AirAsia, and Malindo Airways. Additional airlines flying indirectly from Perth to Bali include Virgin Australia and Qantas. To view flight prices from Perth to Bali in the months of July, August, and September, see the table below for a round trip of 2 weeks for 1 person.

Jetstar$ 643.72$ 490.75$ 527.40
Qantas$ 1,577.43$ 1,402.16$ 1,710
Virgin Australia$ 1,032.50$ 990.04$ 1,990
Malindo Air$ 559.27$ 567.24$ 576.80
Batik Air$ 589.54$ 487.57$ 603.88
Flight costs from Perth→ Denpasar

4. Brisbane Airport

Brisbane City Shot

Another best Australian airport located approximately 17 kilometers out of the city center, Brisbane Airport is the cheapest airport to fly from in Australia and the third largest in the country. Not only is it the cheapest airport to fly from, but it also offers one of the shortest distances of a flight from Australia to Bali with only a 6 hour flight duration. There are 3 direct flights departing daily from Brisbane for Denpasar. The primary airlines flying directly from city to city are Jetstar, Malindo Airways, and Virgin Australia. To view flight prices from Brisbane to Bali in the months of July, August, September, see the table below for a round trip of 2 weeks for 1 person.

Jetstar$ 790.80$ 779.63$ 1,660
Qantas$ 1,031.54$ 1,021.98$ 1,425.34
Virgin Australia$ 830.65$ 693.54$ 865.73
Malindo AirNANA$ 1,151.12
Batik Air$ 943.85NANA
Flight costs from Brisbane → Denpasar

5. Adelaide Airport

Adelaide City Shot

Adelaide Airport is going to offer fewer direct flights than those previously mentioned above, it still serves as one of the best airports to reach Bali from. 2-3 direct flights are offered daily from Adelaide Airport with an approximate flight duration of 5 hours and 30 minutes. Jetstar and Virgin Australia are going to be your go-to airlines, with Jetstar being the cheapest option to choose from. To view flight prices from Adelaide to Bali in the months of July, August, and September, see the table below for a round trip of 2 weeks for 1 person.

Jetstar$ 878.48$ 634.55$ 696.73
Qantas$ 1,390.27$ 1,152.71$ 1,308.38
Virgin Australia$ 865.73$ 648.90$ 1,358.38
Malindo AirNANANA
Flight costs from Adelaide → Denpasar

Final Words

By now, you have the prices, airlines, and best Australian airports to book your flight from Australia to Bali. Don’t forget that the earlier you book both your flights and accommodation, the more affordable prices of flight tickets you will encounter. For more information on what to do in Bali and Bali activities, check our pages!

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