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Bali’s Best Babysitting

Bali’s Best Babysitting

So you’ve taken the kids to Bali for a holiday? Great idea – Bali is a perfect holiday for children, there is plenty to keep them entertained! Thinking you’d also like a little bit of holiday time for yourself? We have your answer…

Bali’s Best Babysitting is an Australian owned and operated business providing quality nannies to the tourists who visit Bali.

Bali’s Best Babysitting was born out of the founder’s own needs. Danielle the founder of this business explains that herself and her husband are both scuba divers and had been visiting Bali to dive for 15+ years, particularly up in North Bali. Their son was born 3 years ago and his first trip to Bali (at 6 months) they realised it is very hard to keep diving without a good reliable nanny! It was Danielle’s mission then to go about trying to find a good nanny and it was proving very very difficult.

Finally she did find a great nanny (who is still with BBB today) and she decided to open a business so that she could provide other great nannies with secure ongoing employment and also western families with good, safe, reliable care. Now Bali’s Best Babysitting caters to lots of diving families & travelling families in general!

The business has been operating now for 2 and half years and in that time Danielle has taken over 500 bookings!!

They have a total of 16 Nannies on board who are all trained in looking after western children. Every nanny has their First Aid & CPR certificate. They are all English speaking, police checked, and have excellent references from previous travellers.

Bali’s Best Babysitting is Danielle’s second job – by day she is an Executive Manager and her husband is away in the mines 60% of the year… so things can get a little hectic at times but luckily when she’s over in Bali she knows she always has a fabulous nanny by her side to help her out with the kids.

Danielle thinks of her nannies like extended family and friends now, they always have a big celebration together when when Danielle is over in Bali. Let us know when we are discussing your itinerary if you’d like a nanny or book direct on