The Suku Bali, a Modern Balinese Bistro in South Ubud

Popular Ubud eatery, The Suku Bali, unveiling of their new menu, featuring an array of enticing Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.
The Suku Bali - Tianyar Yellow Fincompress

Sourced from seasonal and sustainable ingredients, The Suku Bali has carefully prepared an assortment of well-known, local dishes – ready to tempt even the most discerning of pallets.

The menu features signature dishes such as Tianyar Yellowfin Tuna and Beef Rendang. “With the freshly-caught yellowfin fish we get from the local fisherman, we create a tataki-inspired dish and combine it with the Balinese signature sambal matah. Guests can also opt for a classic Indonesian dish, Beef Rendang, slow-cooked beef cheeks with house-made Rendang sauce, served with sambal ijo and melinjo chips,” said Head Chef, Chef Gustu.

And it’s not just the food menu that has undergone a recent revamp – their cocktail list also offers a variety of new tropical concoctions which celebrate the unique flavours of Balinese Arak. Why not try the Popcorn Sour, made from cacao nibs-infused Arak, triple sec-infused coffee with citrus juice and popcorn syrup? Or sip on a mouth-watering, fruity Summer Sunset cocktail, as you watch the sun setting on another day in paradise?

With live music every Thursday and Friday – ranging from Jazz, Hip-hop, RnB, House, and Latin beats – The Suku Bali is the perfect place to relax with friends and start your weekend off in style. 

For a more family-friendly vibe, The Suku Bali also offers Suku on Sunday, with a selection of fun-filled workshops, such as tie-dye, art & crafts, mask painting, canvas painting, and many more.

For further information, contact The Suku Bali at the website or follow The Suku Bali on Instagram and Facebook.

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