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See the Wild Side of Bali at Bali Zoo

Bali is one of the most picturesque places in the world for a number of reasons, but within its borders lies more beauty than you could ever imagine. The island is home to natural wonders, a peaceful culture and even the Bali Zoo, the latter of which makes any vacation that much more compelling.

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Bali Mynah and Gibbons Galore

The Bali Zoo is a fully functioning habitat for a number of the world’s most exotic species. Its upcoming Savanna exhibit is proof of its growth, with Africa’s most noteworthy animals soon to call the zoo its home.

Bali’s own Bali Mynah bird and gibbon are just two of the animals found at the zoo. Bengal tigers, black hornbills, Bornean orang-utans and so many more species find space within their very own sanctuary. It’s a splendid sight, and one that makes Bali that much more intriguing to travelers seeking an other-worldly excursion.

Memorable Activities for Your Bali Holiday

The Bali Zoo is more than just a place to wander. There, you’ll find unique activities that will impress even the most hard-headed family member. With everything centered around many of the world’s most exciting animals, your experience is bound to be a wild one.

Eat breakfast with the orang-utans during the morning for an experience that goes far beyond the fare. We have a feeling that sitting in the middle of an orang-utan playground may outshine any English tea or Balinese coffee in hand, however delicious it may be. At the end, an exotic bird show tops it all off.

Price starts from AUD 60 / person

Head out for a night at the zoo in a starlit tour of night-loving animals. Feed the elephants and deer under the constellations while listening to the sounds of nocturnal species from every angle. And to top it all off, eat a Brazilian meal before enjoying an exciting fire show right at the zoo itself.

Price starts from AUD 111 / person

(Update – this tour is temporarily not available)

Care for Sumatran elephants while romping around in the mud. Bathe the elephants with soothing water and see how they love to play. Feed delectable local fruits to the creatures by hand, and follow in their footsteps to witness the nuances of one of the world’s most empathetic animals.

Price starts from AUD 163 / person

(Update – this tour is temporarily not available)

A petting zoo, daily animal shows, jungle-themed dinner and more all happen right at Bali Zoo. With so many activities to pick from, you may have a hard time getting your family to leave at all. It’s truly an exhilarating experience, and one your loved ones will thank you for taking you to during your great Balinese adventure.

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