Bali Reopens for Domestic Tourists

Bali Is Reopening to Domestic Tourists. Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Visit

Bali is officially welcoming back domestic tourism as of July 31, 2020. If you are planning on travelling to Bali there are some conditions of entry that you need to be aware of before you travel.

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Testing negative for COVID-19

All arrivals to Bali will be required to present a health certificate of either a swab or a rapid test proving that are COVID-19 free or non-reactive. Once you receive a document it is valid for 14 days after it is issued.

Testing on arrival in the instance not having a health certificate

If you arrive without a certificate you will need to undergo a rapid test on arrival to Bali airport. If this test shows that you are reactive, you will then need to quarantine and take a swab test. Costs associated with this will be charged to you, so it’s a much wiser choice to arrive with your health certificate already!

Register with LOVEBALI

You need to register online to LOVEBALI – this will give you a QR code, how and where this will be used is not yet clear, but actually signing up is as simple as creating a username and entering your email address.

Comply with the new health protocols

Tourists must comply with the new health protocols that have been implemented across the Island which include mask-wearing, temperature checks, hand washing/sanitising and social distancing.

Turn on GPS

Tourists are advised to turn on their GPS on their smartphones.

Ready? Go!

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