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Bali is one of South-East Asia’s main tourism destinations and has so many sites to discover, planning a trip to the Island of the Gods can be stressful. 

Well, not anymore. With our brand new Bali itinerary planner, you can’t go wrong. Take the stress out of your planning; you can start enjoying Bali the moment you receive this handy Bali planner in your inbox. 

What Travellers Say About Our Bali Itinerary Planner

This itinerary planner is super helpful! Instead of stressing out about where to stay we were able to choose our preferred destination fairly quickly! The run really started when planning our tours and activities. I never knew Bali had so many things to see and do.
Wow! Our Bali trip really started the moment I received this itinerary planner in my inbox. It was so much fun planning our trip with this helpful guide!
I do love the itinerary planner, but the checklists... I will use them for every one of my upcoming trips!
This Bali ebook should be on top of every Bali checklist. It made our planning so much easier!

When in Bali I want to see Temples Beaches Waterfalls

Bali Has So Much To Offer!

Beaches, waterfalls, temples, cultural sites, water activities, and so much more….

Where to stay with a group of friends? What activities to do with kids? Where to find the best spas? 

Our Bali Itinerary Planner answers all your questions. 

Bali Buddies brand new Bali Itinerary Planner

What's Included?

The Complete Bali Buddies Bali Itinerary Planner in PDF

Get our brand new 97 pages itinerary planner all of Bali's most popular destinations, including places that are a bit off the beaten track.

A Must-Have Booking Checklist

From travel documents to Bali activities and from money to useful apps. Work your way through this checklist for a hassle-free holiday.

The Ultimate Bali Packing List

Are you ready to set off for paradise? Make sure you've got everything packed for your Bali trip.

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