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See the Photogenic Side of Bali on a Bali Instagram Tour

As travelers, we make our way to new destinations for a lot of reasons. To soak up different ways of life, eat delicious food and maybe even learn a few phrases in a language we know nothing about it—these are all great reasons to travel. But let’s face, it, snapping photos of some of the world’s most iconic places to send to family and friends back home is a major perk.

The Bali Instagram tour includes a full day of venturing to Bali’s most photogenic sites, waterfalls and rice fields included. This means you’ll be left with a photo album you can look back on in wonder, as well as photos you can share with wanderlust viewers the world across.

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A Snapshot in Time

The Bali Instagram tour tows travelers along for up to 10 hours to see the most picturesque sites the island has to offer. The tour commences with a place called the Stairways to Heaven, a reverent structure cradled by mountainous imagery. Following this, you’ll make your way to Tirta Gangga, a once-active royal water palace that gleams with beauty; its decor features sculptures rich with detail and history alike.

Thriving rice paddies make their way onto the tour, allowing you to see these iconic multi-layered fields for yourself. Another natural wonder, Tukad Cepung waterfall, makes for a shining snapshot as well as a refreshing afternoon swim. Perhaps the most coveted site of all, the swing floating over the jungle brings this Instagram tour of Bali full circle.

The stops on this photo-friendly tour are plentiful. By the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve seen it all. Although, with Bali’s never-ending scenery, you may just be getting started.

A Backstory to Caption Each Experience

No photo is complete without a story to go along. Perhaps that’s the most beautiful part of the Bali Instagram tour after all. As a tourist, you’ll be guided by someone who’s knowledgeable about all things Balinese. Whether it be the culture, the nature or the historical significance of each site you encounter, you’ll feel like you’re really getting the full experience.

They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with this informative and enriching tour, you’ll know just what words each one is saying.

Keep in Mind Before You Go

This is a photo-centric tour, so it’s pretty much imperative that you bring a camera along for the journey. Don’t forget to pack it! If you’re into drones, you can even choose to hire a professional drone flyer who will conjure up high-quality drone footage of you and your unique Balinese journey. From the sky to the ground and everywhere in between, it’ll be a video you can cherish forever.

As far as preparation goes, this tour does include some outdoor walking, so bring proper shoes for utmost comfort and safety. Moreover, there’s a temple visit included in the tour, so culturally appropriate clothing (covered knees and shoulders) is a must.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tag @balibuddies in your best Bali photos ;-).

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