Bali Horse Riding Tour

Take the Horseback Route through Bali’s Langudu

It’s been romanticized for ages in movies and novels alike, and for good reason. A Bali horse riding tour along any coastal scene is an experience that sounds as good as it feels, and there just so happens to be a place in Bali where you can try it for yourself.

By horse riding on the beach and in the rice fields, you can feel the breeze of Langudu through the rhythm of a gentle beast. Ultimately, it will only enhance your time in Bali, giving you yet another story worth sharing with the folks back home.

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Trotting Along in Bali

When we first heard there was a package that let tourists take on some of Bali’s best scenes by way of horseback, we knew this opportunity was something special. After all, it’s not every day you get to hop on the back of an animal as majestic as a horse and experience an exotic location far from the home you’re familiar with.

Over the course of a couple of hours, guests get to ride through iconic rice fields, where Balinese farmers work to harvest their grain. This scene is one that’s maintained its bucolic sense for hundreds of years, and you’ll be able to glimpse it from the relaxing platform of a horse’s back.

Moving onto Pig Stone Beach by way of horseback will prove to be one seriously memorable form of transportation. This is a place where the vista spans for kilometers and the coast is as blue as can be. Passing by swaying palms only adds to the comforting feel of the area.

Guided by a Groom

If you’re worried about whether or not you’re ready for horseback riding, we can rest assure you that this is one program that keeps things secure. Even before getting started, professionals will set you up with a horse that matches your riding abilities, so you’ll be set up for success from the onset of the adventure. Throughout the entire ride, you’ll be guided by an experienced groom whose job it is to ensure your enjoyment and comfort all the way.

Whether you want to go with your family or make it an exploration for you and your beloved partner is up to you. This ride caters to groups of various sizes, allowing you to formulate the experience you want to have. When all is said and done, you can venture off to see more of Bali on your own terms; the island is your oyster.

Keep in Mind Before You Go

The Bali horse riding tour itself is a valuable one. It includes the cost of the horse ride, the safety equipment and instruction and ride supervision alike. To add to it, you even get a ride from your accommodation at specified areas throughout Bali, along with refreshments throughout the journey.

The primary rule worth noting before signing up is that each rider must weigh under 90 kilograms. Once that’s confirmed, you’re all set up to trot on horseback through Bali’s very own Langudu!

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