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Bali Belly

Bali Belly

As soon as anyone ever mentions that they are going to Bali for sure the topic of Bali Belly nearly always comes up!

Bali Belly is a bacterial infection that presents itself mostly in the form of vomitting and/or diarrhoea. Sometimes travellers also have symptoms of headaches, fevers and feeling lethargic.

Never drink the tap water

Wash your teeth with bottled water

Wash your hands regularly

Keep an antibacterial hand sanitiser with you to use before eating

Stay hydrated

Mostly Bali Belly can be avoided. Our tips and tricks to avoid Bali Belly are as follows:

Norit is charcoal tablets that can be purchased from local minimarts and pharmacies. Lots of people swear by this as an excellent treatment to rid Bali Belly

Red cordial is another treatment for Bali Belly which is used by avid Bali travellers

Lots of bottled water

Imodium or maxolon can work a treat as well (you can get this from your local GP before you leave)

When travelling with children we always advise to take some sachets of electrolytes with you to keep them well hydrated if they happen to get Bali Belly

Please seek advice from a doctor if your symptoms persist or get worse. Make sure you always travel with travel insurance – medical bills can be very costly without it!

Here’s to a Bali Belly free holiday for you all 🙂