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Bali Barber

Bali Barber

For those guys who loathe candles & spa music, they have to check out The Barber of Bali, It’s a total man cave, cold Bintang in the fridge, harder drinks, juice, coffee on order, classic rock playing, as three highly skilled barbers go about grooming the men with classic cut throat shaves and true scissor barbering. A real western standards gentlemen’s barbershop in Bali! This is the place to send the guys when you’re headed out shopping.

It get’s better, for the gents needing to get in chill mode in a hurry, they can kick back in comfy loungers, have a foot massage, facial, nail work, and have those annoying nose and bushy eyebrows plucked back- all while never leaving the chair. Bali Barber is also famous among the many surfers on the island for their full body athletic massages. They also have the island’s only groomsmen barber service and for those so inclined, they’ll deliver the entire barber experience, chair, barbers, and all, poolside!

Their best selling package is The Mandatory, 3 hours chillax which includes a signature massage, gentlemen’s facial, cut throat shave, scissor cut and a Bintang 🙂

A stop at Bali Barber is always on our to do list in Bali!