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6 Businesses getting us through Bali ISO

6 Businesses getting us through Bali ISO

Island Isolation

We are going on eight weeks of living the ISO life here in Bali now. It’s been a big change from our normal lives where we’d eat out 3 or 4 times a week and were constantly out and about enjoying Bali life. We have been making the most of it though and we are so lucky to have many amazing businesses that are making Bali ISO easy for us. Here are our favourites…

Grab App Food Delivery

1 – Grab App

This app is basically running our lives right now… What started as ride share app, has turned in the Executive Assistant of our life app! We use it for delivery of our food and shopping (think daily fresh bread, take outs and any random bits & pieces we need). The COVID-19 response was swift from GRAB, they have implemented contactless delivery and their drivers and riders all wear masks. When ordering on the app, it charges our bank card (although cash is an option too) and the driver leaves the delivery as per our instructions. We also use the app to pay our bills, top up the data on our phones and to send things or get them delivered (last week we even used them to deliver our home gym equipment!). Safe to say we use this app several times a day and Bali ISO wouldn’t be the same without it.

*If you are a new user of GRABFood use the promo code BALIBUDDIES for a discount!

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Compass Fresh Box Bali

2 – Compass Fresh

Compass Fresh is our go to online grocery store delivering to our door and being sourced direct from local suppliers. They stock a huge range of breads, meats, dairy, produce, health and beauty, household and baby products. We used to do our main grocery shop in a grocery store, since we’ve been limiting our trips out of the house during Bali ISO we’ve discovered Compass Fresh… It’s actually a cheaper (and more convenient) option! If you live in Bali you need to check them out.

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The Cellardoor at Hatten Wines Bali

3 – The Cellardoor

Let’s face it, all of those Zoom catchups and House Party meet ups with our friends wouldn’t be half as fun without a few wines. The Cellardoor Bali is home delivering our favourite local wine brands Hatten (made from local grapes) & Two Islands (made from Aussie grapes). They also have amazing deals happening at the moment too! We’ve particularly been enjoying trying the new look and new taste Hatten range. They’ve recently revamped this range… and we are here for it! If you haven’t tried Hatten Wines for a while, you must grab a bottle of the new range and try it out… We love the Jepun – Sparkling Rose.

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2 Go Bali Bread Box

4 – 2GoBali

We are loving seeing the creative business responses as life in Bali looks a little different these days. 2GoBali is a new approach of prepared gourmet meal packs. Choose from their wide variety of ever-changing menu options, from roasted Peking duck pancakes, to masaman lamb shank curry to pao bun crispy chicken… New choices are popping up all of the time. Everything is prepared fresh and boxed with your recipe card on how to complete the meal at home. This is a real treat and makes us feel like Master Chefs during Bali ISO life!

* Use code BALI BUDDIES when ordering to get 15% discount!

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Watching Netflix by the Pool

5 – Express VPN

When stuck in ISO it’s important to have your streaming game strong! We regularly use Express VPN for security reasons and booking flights (you often get them cheaper when you use a different country’s server… back when flying was a thing!). During ISO time though it allows us to access all apps, sites and streaming channels that may otherwise be blocked in Indonesia. We’ve always found Express VPN reliable and easy to use and our Bali ISO time would not be the same without it!

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Zero Waste Bali Food Box

6 – Zero Waste Bali

We LOVE this store for so many reasons. First and foremost, for its focus on reducing waste in our daily lives, secondly because they stock items that can be otherwise hard to find, and thirdly because they deliver them to your door! They also source direct from local farmers/suppliers so you when buying from them you are also supporting small local business. Zero Waste Bali started with one store in Kerobokan and has now expanded to an online store and a couple of other physical stores. Now is a good time for us all to assess how to reduce waste in the way we live, we love their beeswax wraps to replace clingwrap and shampoo bars… But start looking at their store and you’ll find so much more. We also have a vegan in the family so when buying ingredients for her recipes we know we can always find them at Zero Waste. It’s also feels so great to receive an order and not spot a piece of plastic anywhere!

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So there you have it! Our top 6 businesses getting us through our time in ISO, let’s hope it’s not for too much longer though, we are all missing our sunsets on the beach and weekend adventuring!

What’s been getting you through your Bali ISO time?