5 Reasons To Visit Bali Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Bali Asap if You Are in Indonesia Right Now!

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, ricefields and buzzing touristy vibe… that’s a whole combo you’ve got there! At this time of the year, Bali would normally be in its high season, but due to borders closing for international tourists Bali is far less crowded yet still enjoyable in a different way! These are our 5 top reasons to visit Bali now if you are in Indonesia already…

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There’s No Traffic

The main street in Kuta, Bali, without traffic congestion

At this time of the year, normally Bali streets would be filled with motorcycles, cars and tourist busses. The traffic can make it hard to just stop when you find a cute cafe or see a store that grabs your eye, not to mention finding parking can also be a hassle. During high season it can also be hard at times to get online taxis or drivers unless you are organised and booked early.

Now, however, is the perfect time to visit because you can avoid all of that and enjoy the streets of Bali freely.

You can explore every corner of Bali by renting a motorcycle, car or a driver to anywhere, any day and anytime – hassle-free.

Destinations that would have taken hours to get to are now easier and far quicker to reach! For example when you want to explore the Bali Zoo in Gianyar from Kuta, normally you would need one to two hours of travelling time due to traffic… and now you can just spend 45 minutes tops to get there. If that isn’t a great reason to visit Bali now!

You get more holiday time and far less traffic time when you’re visiting Bali now.


Incredible Deals

Main Swimming pool of Bali Dynasty Resort

Bali is filled with nature and open-air areas which makes it easy to social distance, while still enjoying a holiday! The hotels, villas, and tourist attractions are following the health protocols of the ‘new normal’ and have worked hard to ensure they can welcome you safely. Now, this is where it gets interesting, most hotels and stays here have reduced their rates by up to 80%!

Enjoy discounted stays in various areas of Bali, different views and scenery, different types of accommodation… there are so many deals happening right now that this is the second-best reason to visit Bali now, but there’s more.

The beach clubs that are open mostly have no minimum spend and many of the shops and restaurants are having crazy sales. Domestic travellers who are coming to Bali are required to follow a few steps before entering to ensure everyone’s safety… read more about that here.


Day Passes To Resorts


Bali has so many great resorts with amazing facilities, activities and stunning pools, who doesn’t love visiting Bali’s best resorts? Even if your pockets are a little too tight to pay for a whole stay, many of these resorts have now opened themselves up for day passes!

You can visit their pools, restaurants, bars and take part in the activities they provide. So what are you waiting for? Pack up and suit up… some of these resorts have never allowed day visitors until now, so that’s for sure a hell of reason to visit Bali now.


Riding Bicycles

Group of people enjoying a bike ride in Bali

Our fourth reason to visit Bali now is a healthy one. As you know people nowadays LOVE riding bikes anywhere they can. In Bali cycling has had a major resurgence during the pandemic. Now, what better way to spend your time riding your bike with a view! You can ride bikes by the beach, through the rice fields, mountains and the city! Cycle your way around to the cute cafes, to and from your resort… almost anywhere no there is no traffic!


Cafes, Restaurants & Resorts to Work & Study From

cozy cafe in Bali to work from

Last but not least, if you’re studying or working from home… why not make Bali your home for a while? Bali has lots of hidden gem cafes and restaurants, perfect for your needs. Enjoy the quiet of these fun and comfortable spaces, ideal to settle in to attend an online class.

Many of the villas and resorts have also set up online learning spaces and facilities for you to work from, all while enjoying the Balinese hospitality and surroundings. There are also a lot of long-stay options on the Island right now for those looking to WFB (work from Bali!).

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